Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Amy Winehouse

I am tired. I have a cold. However, despite various cold and flu remedies I cannot sleep. I wake up and feel shattered and then need to nap throughout the day..hence being awake at 21.55 and writing. I tried a DVD - Disney's Hocus Pocus to get me in a Halloween mood...didn't work, just a timely reminder that I am getting old. Great.
So here I am at silly o'clock tapping away on my shiny new laptop...which by the way gave me no end of grief this morning when attempting to work. Almost two and half hours troubleshooting, listening to Neo while on hold and 1 hour and 20 minutes on the phone to a tech support advisor. Shitty day so far. Something has cheered my
melancholy-self up though. The wonderful Amy Winehouse. There are so many Wino haters and to be honest, I am not one of them. I know way too many people who have succumbed to addictions and in the limelight and to have this intrusion and problem compounded by the media continuously, then it makes it all the worse.
Amy is looking fabulous with the new, tamer hair; the minimal make-up which shows her pretty awesome complexion and lets face it, beautiful face. Big, strong eyes - hidden by steam-roller eyeliner for too long. Cakey make-up hiding the freckles (ok, I admit as a youngster I hated these and did the same with Maxfactor stick...result was chavsville) so all in all, a pretty happy, healthy and gorgeous looking Amy Winehouse. Loads out there will wonder how this can make a difference to their lives, but I just enjoy seeing someone coming out of something so dark. It is nice to see that people can recover and not allow something/someone/anything take over their lives. Wow, I am feeling philosophical...maybe the painkillers have kicked in after all....