Tuesday, 22 June 2010

HQ Hair genius

I have just been shouting about this in the office and we are all agreed that this is the most AMAZING idea EVER. Do you ever struggle packing your case when going abroad - especially on a long haul flight or a trip that will leave you free from office-based work for more than a month? I know I do and on several occasions have had to have a serious re-think about what 'necessities' I am packing. On a trip home from New Zealand I had to wear a pair of beautiful thigh-high, tight leather boots all the way home (dreaming of Uggs) simply because my suitcase was maxed-out.
Well, hair and skincare website hqhair.com has decided to help the mere mortals on their travels and will be offering a service that will deliver whatever you order... to your holiday destination.
Sheer genius. So forget wrapping your shampoo and shower gel in plastic bags for fear of spillages and save on space with/excess baggage limits with this service from the best website in the world...(according to people whom experience spillages on a regular basis..)

Friday, 18 June 2010

Elsie Belle

I found this website about a year ago and have been attempting to purchase a scrabble tile necklace with my initial on for longer than I care to remember. Evertime I logged on I would see that 'K' was indeed sold out and I would have to wait until next time.
Well, wait no longer!
I have finally purchased my beautifully necklace and expect it in the post imminently!
While on the Elsie Belle website, I was amazed by the sheer range and diversity of product, most of it under £20! Bonus.
I spotted a couple of gems in the form of this Honey Honey necklace for £14.95 and I Spy necklace for the same price. Bargains. I do love a necklace that will inspire converstion and get people talking about what they love.
Elise Belle features, in abundance, vintage inspired jewellery that can only make you smile. Hello big grin when I pop my scrabble tile round my neck! WOOP.
visit: Elsiebelle.com

Liz Earle Hair

I am beyond excited to try this new range.
Liz Earle has finally launched her range of haircare products and I could not find a better time to start wearing nappies. Yes, I am THAT excited.
Liz Earle saved my skin. I suffer from allergies/eczema and due to several other personal reasons I am prone to hormonal break-outs - not good when dining with the in-laws/attending important meetings/trying to wangle a pay rise/seduce the BF....Then I tried Cleanse and Polish and voila my skin saw a vast improvement - as did my friends after I mentioned the genius of Liz Earle. My grandmother and Great Aunt are also huge fans thanks to the 'word of mouth' tactics I employed..
So, when I heard she we going to be launching a haircare range, I was intrigued to see what the organic genius had to offer.
After working on the range with her team for six years, the collection will consist of one shampoo for all hair types. This is complemented by three conditions: Normal, Dry/Damaged and Oily. The products will be in selected stores and online in September.

Guerlain AW

I marvel as the genius that is Guerlain. Beautiful packaging, elegant concepts and fabulous make-up that lasts, which (in my head)= the amount you paid for it.
The new AW 10 range is no exception.
Sometimes, in fact a lot of the time, I am sent beautifully packaged products, which I carefully arrange on my table and stare at. Weird yes. But slight logic to my madness. I like to take in the quality and the creativeness behind every element of the products before me. Guerlain is a pretty aspirational product for many people. Not like your accessible Rimmel's, Bourjois's and Maxfactor's of the world, which are available in most Superdrug or Boots stores, no Guerlain is department store quality and something you might like to receive from your other half on your birthday or as an exceptional Mother's Day gift.
So with the mentalness in mind, I do enjoy simply stroking the goodies before I open them up and play with them. I guess like someone who might have a rare Barbie and after years of resisting, finally give in and play with the leggy blonde. That was, afterall, her purpose in life. (Her perfect plastic life..)
The new Guerlain AW 10 range is pretty simple, but the colours are classics that will suit every skintone, something I think is important when purchasing a product that costs more than £50 and at a price that could well feed a couple for a week.
There are four ranges in the collection, with six shades in each palette and each featuring moonstone, a natural highlighter that will add a subtle shimmer. I am enjoying Sevres and Passy. I would probably use the subtle tones of brown and pearl on my lids and accent with the electric shade in the centre of the palette, under my bottom lashes to add a flash of colour. YUM.
Grab in stores like House of Fraser from August. Prices start from £51.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010


People who call themselves journalist but have in fact never trained (NCTJ exams or otherwise) and have never clapped eyes on a book educating you on journalism rules/law, etc AND who have never written for magazines or websites AND call themselves journalists, really winds me up. I mean, really, really F*** me off.

Decleor Aromessence Neroli

I have always enjoyed Decleor products, yet I have found that I have rarely written about them. On that note, please read on. I am raving about Decleor Aromessence Neroli today and its sheer magnificence. Genius.
I have started using it again after a period of leaving my skin to fester...in fact trying alternative treatments, but once again I am back to an old faithful.
With ingredients including: Neroli, Sandalwood, Petitgrain, Sage, Parsley and Juniper Berry Essential Oils, what more could you ask for?
I have found it particularly useful in levelling out my skin and correcting any flaws - perfect on my chin, where due to hormones I can be prone to one or two blemishes every now and again. I cleanse and massage a couple of drops into my face and neck, focusing on key areas that beauty therapist/guru Nichola Joss taught me back in the day. Using fingers gently massage along the ridge above your cheeks bones, just below the delicate eye area and you will definitely start to notice an improvement within the month. This technique helps eliminate puffiness and retention and promotes healthy lymph movement. I guess it is a mini facial/lymphatic drainage.
Happy cleansing!

Monday, 7 June 2010

Superdrug Restoring Skin Care Oil

I have come across the latest offering from fast-becoming beauty gurus, Superdrug. They seem to be challenging the big guns and offering cheaper and often better quality products these days and this new product looks set to remain on trend.
Launching in stores this week, Restoring Skin Care Oil is recommended for mature, dry and irritated skin - helping reduce the appearance of stretch marks, scarring, blemishes, uneven skin tone and curses like age spots. I am super-keen to try this little gem - especially on my recent scarring. As you know, I have mentioned the condition Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, so my skin is always in need of something to keep it even. I have used Bio Oil in the past and use Decleor Neroli Essence on my face
so I am going to give this a whirl and report back. At £6.49 and containing 8 natural oils including, sweet almond and canola, it is bargainous!

Friday, 4 June 2010


I always wonder about Horoscopes and Tarot Cards, well and I suppose readings. I seem to have to read them everyday and have the iphone apps that allow me to do just that. My personal favs are Shelly Von Strunkel and Elle Horoscopes - The Saturn Sisters. Recently, it seems as if the stars written for me have been bang-on the money...especially when I might read them at the end of the day and think 'oh my god, that's sooo true' How many of us do that?
hen it comes to readings, I am always intrigued and seriously thinking about seeing a woman who has read for a few people I know. She predicted a pregnancy announcement in May - low and behold my brother and his GF fell pregnant...she also spoke of my cousin who was in a destructive relationship - and named particulars...and various other things..
I am interested to know what other people think...