Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Dry Shampoo

Long hours √
Busy Job √
Long hair √
Can be prone to greasiness √
Tendency to be a little lazy with hair on Mondays.. √

Well then, like me you need Dry Shampoo. I have road tested a couple of the High Street's favourite gems, with some interesting results.
FYI I have fairly thick, natural wave, boob length (technicality is clearly a strong point)hair.
1st: Trevor Sorbie Dry Shampoo - around £5 from pharmacists and supermarkets
I have always been a huge Batiste fan and have not strayed from this favourite for many certainly has competition in the form of this Trevor Sorbie shampoo.
Lightweight and easy to brush through, the Trevor Sorbie Beautiful Volume formula is the lightest of the three and leaves very little residue. Residue is an issue for me as I have auburn hair and intend to keep it that way..
It absorbs well and certainly adds a certain thickness - without leaving an icky feeling of heaviness in your hair.
The scent is pretty strong, but this is perfect if like me you have had a big night out and need to be up early the next morning with neat locks.
A little goes a long way, however half way through the day I would recommend a spritz up to refresh.

2nd: Batiste dry Shampoo From £2 across High Street
Always a favourite and for the price and choice of scents you can now get, this is a cult favourite and a product I will always recommend.
Comparing it to the others, however, it is a little heavier on the residue and needs a good brush through or massage with the fingers - the results are worth it though. It leaves a pleasant, not overwhelming scent and a little goes along way, as above. The cost is so good, it could be easy to get addicted to this and have BIG hair everyday, but I would recommend a wash every now and then...

3rd: Bumble and Bumble:
Another favourite among fashionistas (or so they say) this is much pricey than any of its counterparts, but the results are worth it. Clean, low residue, fresh scent, good variety of colours that are easy to match to hair types. So why is it 3rd? Simply because of the price. Depending on how much dry shampoo you consume, you could be spending more than £50 a month on this product. Surely it would be easier to wash your hair and buy more shoes?

Friday, 1 April 2011

Some fashion favs

Umbrella: Primark £4
Shorts: Limited Edition @ Primark £15
Pleated Sundress: Asos £28
String Waisted Dress: Asos £65
Strapless dress: French Connection £135
Wedge: Office £65
Collar dress: £36