Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Estee Lauder Pure Color Lip Gloss Custom Collection by Tom Pecheux

I have a dilemma. I cannot decide which of the new limited edition Tom Pecheux shades to choose from. Estee Lauder love a good lip gloss and to be honest, I always fine them perfect for my lips - lips that often dry out under a coat of lipstick or gloss. They last for ages, come in a wide range of colours and are pretty reasonable priced for the time they last.
The Estée Lauder Creative Makeup Director Tom Pecheux has created a range that allows you to build on colour and saturation, depending on your mood.
I am currently leaning toward Red Tango with a 40's wave and gentle slick of liquid eyeliner and Perfect Nude for a more subtle, grown-up daytime look.
The other shades in the collection of six, include: Nude Rose, Coral Fantasy, Plum Desire and Fucshia Fever. Get them for £15 for a limited period only from Selfridges or - a great present for your fav BFF this Christmas?

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Amy Winehouse

I am tired. I have a cold. However, despite various cold and flu remedies I cannot sleep. I wake up and feel shattered and then need to nap throughout the day..hence being awake at 21.55 and writing. I tried a DVD - Disney's Hocus Pocus to get me in a Halloween mood...didn't work, just a timely reminder that I am getting old. Great.
So here I am at silly o'clock tapping away on my shiny new laptop...which by the way gave me no end of grief this morning when attempting to work. Almost two and half hours troubleshooting, listening to Neo while on hold and 1 hour and 20 minutes on the phone to a tech support advisor. Shitty day so far. Something has cheered my
melancholy-self up though. The wonderful Amy Winehouse. There are so many Wino haters and to be honest, I am not one of them. I know way too many people who have succumbed to addictions and in the limelight and to have this intrusion and problem compounded by the media continuously, then it makes it all the worse.
Amy is looking fabulous with the new, tamer hair; the minimal make-up which shows her pretty awesome complexion and lets face it, beautiful face. Big, strong eyes - hidden by steam-roller eyeliner for too long. Cakey make-up hiding the freckles (ok, I admit as a youngster I hated these and did the same with Maxfactor stick...result was chavsville) so all in all, a pretty happy, healthy and gorgeous looking Amy Winehouse. Loads out there will wonder how this can make a difference to their lives, but I just enjoy seeing someone coming out of something so dark. It is nice to see that people can recover and not allow something/someone/anything take over their lives. Wow, I am feeling philosophical...maybe the painkillers have kicked in after all....

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Mac Strobe Cream

I always envied SJP's amazing cheekbones in Sex and the City so I was delighted when I found out she had a little help from Laura Mercier's Secret Finish (oh and Mother Nature). However, as much as I love Laura Mercier, I am also a huge fan of Mac's Strobe Cream. I have been silently using this for a couple of years and even used it on model's back in the day of the regional newspaper magazine fashion and beauty shoots. I noticed, however, that I had failed to write about it and it's many wonders.
1: Mix with moisturiser or foundation for a subtle sheen and gentle boost of skin that may be looking a little sallow.
2: Mix with body moisturiser and pat in over shoulders and décolletage for a sexy shimmer (great with a light tan - no wag mahogany here please)
3: Or do as I do, a la the SJP and gentle pat a small peanut sized blob onto the back of my hand and pat and warm with three fingers. Use these fingers to pat this on the cheekbones - above the blusher and up towards your temples. Ensure you have already applied foundation - I use this as my finishing product. Gentle pt until a subtle sheen is glistening your cheekbones. If you feel the sheen is too much, use the palm of your hand to gently and carefully remove an excess.

Whenever I use this technique I am always complimented on my make-up and asked what highlighter I am using. Hence the reason for this post!
Happy sheening! K

Monday, 27 September 2010

Nat Thakur London

I am a shoe girl. Always have been. I used to own about 120 pairs of shoes of varying descriptions and designers - Topshop, Karen Millen, Kurt Keiger, Ugg, Havaina, Kate Cuba (the KC were the most beautiful clogs..) - mostly of the High Street variety, built up from when I was a trainee journalist spending my ill gotten gains on shoes to make me look a little bit more professional than I was. I worked across news, features and had a double page 'ents' spread every week - allowing me to gain entry to nightclubs and bars across town for free. Fabulous for a 22 year old who had spent the week on death knocks (an unpleasant industry term whereby you have to speak to the family of someone - usually a teenager, husband/wife, or child who had died) so was feeling shitty about intruding on their grieving time and needed to let off steam in super high heels in a nightclub sipping free (many free) cocktails in lieu for PR favours.
Well after the house burnt down (I still cannot find another phrase to describe this) I had to rebuild the shoe collection and along with it, my bag stash.
Having looked back, I now realise I had more designer bags than I did shoes....Miu Miu, Mulberry, Louis Vuitton, Kate Spade...and I have since come to discover an almost equal passion for bags and their family members, as I do shoes.
My latest discovery is Nat Thakur. Her designs are so cute, you can't help but feel a little childish when you look at them. They are definitely a trip to the zoo, date in the park, sexy little restaurant type bag and I love them.
Former experience working with Ghost and Mulberry has lead bespoke designer Nat to create a range of unique and quirky accessories, perfect for adding a little sparkle to your day.
Using leather that is only a bi-product of meat, the leatherwork is really high quality considering the reasonable price. Having been voted number gift by The Indy and having her bags on display at 'Plastic Fantastic' at NESTA, she really is proving that innovation and art go hand in hand. My favourites are: The leather sweet shop clutch bag (from £75) and the Half Crown Purse (from £30) and the smaller leather sweet shop purse (from £30) - all perfect as gifts.
Check out more of Nat Thakur's amazing designs at

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

HQ Hair genius

I have just been shouting about this in the office and we are all agreed that this is the most AMAZING idea EVER. Do you ever struggle packing your case when going abroad - especially on a long haul flight or a trip that will leave you free from office-based work for more than a month? I know I do and on several occasions have had to have a serious re-think about what 'necessities' I am packing. On a trip home from New Zealand I had to wear a pair of beautiful thigh-high, tight leather boots all the way home (dreaming of Uggs) simply because my suitcase was maxed-out.
Well, hair and skincare website has decided to help the mere mortals on their travels and will be offering a service that will deliver whatever you order... to your holiday destination.
Sheer genius. So forget wrapping your shampoo and shower gel in plastic bags for fear of spillages and save on space with/excess baggage limits with this service from the best website in the world...(according to people whom experience spillages on a regular basis..)

Friday, 18 June 2010

Elsie Belle

I found this website about a year ago and have been attempting to purchase a scrabble tile necklace with my initial on for longer than I care to remember. Evertime I logged on I would see that 'K' was indeed sold out and I would have to wait until next time.
Well, wait no longer!
I have finally purchased my beautifully necklace and expect it in the post imminently!
While on the Elsie Belle website, I was amazed by the sheer range and diversity of product, most of it under £20! Bonus.
I spotted a couple of gems in the form of this Honey Honey necklace for £14.95 and I Spy necklace for the same price. Bargains. I do love a necklace that will inspire converstion and get people talking about what they love.
Elise Belle features, in abundance, vintage inspired jewellery that can only make you smile. Hello big grin when I pop my scrabble tile round my neck! WOOP.

Liz Earle Hair

I am beyond excited to try this new range.
Liz Earle has finally launched her range of haircare products and I could not find a better time to start wearing nappies. Yes, I am THAT excited.
Liz Earle saved my skin. I suffer from allergies/eczema and due to several other personal reasons I am prone to hormonal break-outs - not good when dining with the in-laws/attending important meetings/trying to wangle a pay rise/seduce the BF....Then I tried Cleanse and Polish and voila my skin saw a vast improvement - as did my friends after I mentioned the genius of Liz Earle. My grandmother and Great Aunt are also huge fans thanks to the 'word of mouth' tactics I employed..
So, when I heard she we going to be launching a haircare range, I was intrigued to see what the organic genius had to offer.
After working on the range with her team for six years, the collection will consist of one shampoo for all hair types. This is complemented by three conditions: Normal, Dry/Damaged and Oily. The products will be in selected stores and online in September.

Guerlain AW

I marvel as the genius that is Guerlain. Beautiful packaging, elegant concepts and fabulous make-up that lasts, which (in my head)= the amount you paid for it.
The new AW 10 range is no exception.
Sometimes, in fact a lot of the time, I am sent beautifully packaged products, which I carefully arrange on my table and stare at. Weird yes. But slight logic to my madness. I like to take in the quality and the creativeness behind every element of the products before me. Guerlain is a pretty aspirational product for many people. Not like your accessible Rimmel's, Bourjois's and Maxfactor's of the world, which are available in most Superdrug or Boots stores, no Guerlain is department store quality and something you might like to receive from your other half on your birthday or as an exceptional Mother's Day gift.
So with the mentalness in mind, I do enjoy simply stroking the goodies before I open them up and play with them. I guess like someone who might have a rare Barbie and after years of resisting, finally give in and play with the leggy blonde. That was, afterall, her purpose in life. (Her perfect plastic life..)
The new Guerlain AW 10 range is pretty simple, but the colours are classics that will suit every skintone, something I think is important when purchasing a product that costs more than £50 and at a price that could well feed a couple for a week.
There are four ranges in the collection, with six shades in each palette and each featuring moonstone, a natural highlighter that will add a subtle shimmer. I am enjoying Sevres and Passy. I would probably use the subtle tones of brown and pearl on my lids and accent with the electric shade in the centre of the palette, under my bottom lashes to add a flash of colour. YUM.
Grab in stores like House of Fraser from August. Prices start from £51.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010


People who call themselves journalist but have in fact never trained (NCTJ exams or otherwise) and have never clapped eyes on a book educating you on journalism rules/law, etc AND who have never written for magazines or websites AND call themselves journalists, really winds me up. I mean, really, really F*** me off.

Decleor Aromessence Neroli

I have always enjoyed Decleor products, yet I have found that I have rarely written about them. On that note, please read on. I am raving about Decleor Aromessence Neroli today and its sheer magnificence. Genius.
I have started using it again after a period of leaving my skin to fact trying alternative treatments, but once again I am back to an old faithful.
With ingredients including: Neroli, Sandalwood, Petitgrain, Sage, Parsley and Juniper Berry Essential Oils, what more could you ask for?
I have found it particularly useful in levelling out my skin and correcting any flaws - perfect on my chin, where due to hormones I can be prone to one or two blemishes every now and again. I cleanse and massage a couple of drops into my face and neck, focusing on key areas that beauty therapist/guru Nichola Joss taught me back in the day. Using fingers gently massage along the ridge above your cheeks bones, just below the delicate eye area and you will definitely start to notice an improvement within the month. This technique helps eliminate puffiness and retention and promotes healthy lymph movement. I guess it is a mini facial/lymphatic drainage.
Happy cleansing!

Monday, 7 June 2010

Superdrug Restoring Skin Care Oil

I have come across the latest offering from fast-becoming beauty gurus, Superdrug. They seem to be challenging the big guns and offering cheaper and often better quality products these days and this new product looks set to remain on trend.
Launching in stores this week, Restoring Skin Care Oil is recommended for mature, dry and irritated skin - helping reduce the appearance of stretch marks, scarring, blemishes, uneven skin tone and curses like age spots. I am super-keen to try this little gem - especially on my recent scarring. As you know, I have mentioned the condition Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, so my skin is always in need of something to keep it even. I have used Bio Oil in the past and use Decleor Neroli Essence on my face
so I am going to give this a whirl and report back. At £6.49 and containing 8 natural oils including, sweet almond and canola, it is bargainous!

Friday, 4 June 2010


I always wonder about Horoscopes and Tarot Cards, well and I suppose readings. I seem to have to read them everyday and have the iphone apps that allow me to do just that. My personal favs are Shelly Von Strunkel and Elle Horoscopes - The Saturn Sisters. Recently, it seems as if the stars written for me have been bang-on the money...especially when I might read them at the end of the day and think 'oh my god, that's sooo true' How many of us do that?
hen it comes to readings, I am always intrigued and seriously thinking about seeing a woman who has read for a few people I know. She predicted a pregnancy announcement in May - low and behold my brother and his GF fell pregnant...she also spoke of my cousin who was in a destructive relationship - and named particulars...and various other things..
I am interested to know what other people think...

Thursday, 20 May 2010

My new logo and other blog..

Shameless plugging, here is my other blog, which I am attempting to expand with every spare hour..however freelancing takes it's toll..

AND exciting news, my new logo, lovingly created by my genius graphic designer friend Tom (who, once the logo is up on here, will be featured)will be up soon, soon, soon!

Lounge on the Farm 2010

Lounge on the Farm: 9th. 10th, 11th July
WOOOP! We are in for another treat as Lounge on the Farm returns for 2010 - especially after winning two awards last year! It just gets better and better.
I am always keen to eat delicious food when drinking equally as delicious alcoholic you will be pleased to hear (just as I was) that last year LOTF won
Best Festival for Foodies 2008, awarded by The Guardian. This was in addition to
Winner Best Line-up 2009, UK Festival Awards.
This year is set to impress once again with a bevvy of fantastic artists, theatre and comedians set to entertain revellers from Kent and afar.
Now as a Kentish lass, I am on a mega high this year, as the quality of gigs in Kent just gets better and it is great to see us using local produce. We are the Garden of England after all.

The bands this year are immense, with a gaziliion gracing 8 stages. Here are a cheeky few: Cha Cha, 6 Day Riot, Beardy Man, Beans on Toast, Hobo Jones and the Junkyard Dogs (who I have seen on a few occasions. One word: Superb, Thomas Gardney and Kitty, Daisy and Lewis (amazing rockers I have also seen before).

Comedy legend Phill Jupitus has also been confirmed as a headliner leading the comedy acts and The Meadow will host a jumble of plays and acts to keep all ages entertained...

Here is a taster if the food (shamelessly nicked from the LOTF website)and a quote from one of the best authors and visionaries of all time...

“If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.” J.R.Tolkein

Lounge on the Farm always takes its food very seriously. Everything on the site is hand-picked (or should i say tasted) by The Farmers themselves and you certainly wont find the usual festival tosh. The best produce from all over Kent will be on offer, prepared by some of our most talented chefs, bakers, butchers and cooks. Our food courts are as creative as the music and art on the site, using local ingredients to create food from all over the world. Old school favourites will include Al’s Hog Roast with his hand reared and slaughtered pigs, Ana our Portuguese Mama with her delicious custard tarts and sweet pastries, Enzo’s Italian Bakery, Haji Baji and their very best curries, Roots n Shoots (no festival goer should attempt a full lounge weekend without a revitalising stop at this kitchen) and the festivals very own Farmhouse Ale and Pie House. To be sure to get a table at The Goods Shed this year remember to book in advance through the festival website to guarantee the ultimate festival dining experience. This year as well as The Village Green there will be cafes and restaurants throughout The Meadows and The Further Field.

Farmers, retailers and producers we love to big up include:

Godmersham Game, The Butcher of Brogdale, Hedgers of Canterbury, The Goods Shed Butchery, Griggs of Hythe, Simon the Fish, Ripple Farm Organics, Monkshill Farm, Dumbrells, Hinxden Dairy, Dargate Dairy, Turners Fine Foods, Walmestone Growers and many more.......

So, what are you waiting for? Get your tickets NOW! / 0844 888 9991
Adult weekend £95
Youth weekend [13-17] £75
Kids weekend £45
Family weekend £210 [2 adults + 2 children under 13]
Day Tickets:
Adult Day Tickets - £40
Youth Day Tickets - £30
Child Day Tickets - £20
Campervans are £40 - there is a family campervan area and a non family campervan area.


This gig just gets better and better. Paul Weller and now Bob Dylan. In Paddock Wood?
In Kent? AMAAAZING. You just cannot get any better.
The line-up at the picturesque Hop Farm screams glam and I hope I am lucky enough to attend this year as last and report back to you lucky guys. In fact, fingers crossed for beautiful weather.
The gem of a line-up consists of:

FRIDAY: Main stage headliner is the legendary van Morrison...who will be joined by none other than Blondie, Los Lobos, Imedla May, Damien Dempsey AND there are more acts yet to come. Blimey, us Kentish bunch are being spoilt this year.
2nd stage: he brilliant Afro Celt Sound System, Richard Thompson, Peter Green & Friends, and Sweet Billy Pilgrim.

SATURDAY: Main Stage CRACKING line-up that includes a UK exclusive from Bob Dylan, Ray Davies, Mumford & Sons, Seasick Steve, Peter Doherty, Laura Marling, The Magic Numbers, Foy Vance will now be joined by Johnny Flynn.
2nd Stage includes performances by Devendra Banhart, Jim Jones Revue, Tunng, Pete Molinari and Jon Allen with more cool acts to come

Organiser for, I believe, the third year Vince Power, said: “It’s fantastic that we continue to see such a positive response from Hop Farm Festival fans. With the latest additions to the bill plus 2nd stage and a 3rd to be announced soon, there’ll be something for everyone. I know it will be a weekend to remember”.

You know, the best thing about this festival is the NO BRANDING, NO SPONSORSHIP message. That's awesome and it makes sense. Massive thumbs up to Vince Power. It has so much to offer ppl who fancy a day out locally and let's face it, more than just music. The food is also amazing, the fun fair is so retro and clearly something to enjoy being you glug down 6 Pear Ciders...although I am sure there will be many who will not heed this advice and get messy...

Comedy, football, boutique camping (tres chic) local food and drink (ale, yummy) suppliers. Brilliant.
Tickets are now on sale with Friday Day tickets at £45 & Saturday Day tickets at £65.A 2 day ticket is also available for £110, with the option of a 2-Night camping ticket for £25.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Heather Mills...

I just cannot get my head round this one. I really can't. Heather Mills. WTF?
Now for a 42 year old woman, she has a cracking figure. A figure worthy of an Hollywood B-Lister and not a bad face to go with it. However, my chin hit my desk this morning when I saw these god awful snaps of her at a film premier last night. Heather looks like she is trying to emulate Twenties-chic and she is doing it badly. An ill fitting playsuit and revolting, porn star over the knee stretchy boots. YUK. I really hope she doesn't have a fact if she did, how the hell did she persuade her to wear this abomination? Hats off to her, she must have the ultimate gift of the gab. If you're going to rock up to a premier, essentially aimed at teenagers and kids, don't try and act like one of them. Heather would have looked so much better in a flattering dress with a delicate plunge or backless affair. Know your age, know your figure and dress accordingly. Please.

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Wonderbra Ultimate Strapless Bra

I have been itching to get my hands on this genius bra since its release and I am pleased to say I am now the proud owner of breasts that don't resemble cowpats in a strapless dress.
As the fortunate (or so at least I'm told) owner of 32/34F boobies I struggle to find a good bra that offers support and sexiness for a reasonable ching.

After hearing about the sheer AMAzinggggness of this bra, I finally got round to ordering one courtesy of Next.

Come a bleary eyed Saturday morning, I was woken by the incessant poundings of my impatient Next Directory lady, who handed me a beautiful blue, plastic package filled with goodies; including my brassiere.

Five mins and a cup of coffee later, I was bouncing from the ceiling having finally discovered a bra that keeps me in despite my vigorous exertions. By happy fortune, my BFF lives two apartments below me and was greeted with a pair of, what I can only describe as Jordan-esque mammoths in my effort to demonstrate how lush this bra truly is. I whipped my boob tube down and flashed them while she stared at me and said: "What the f**k are you doing?" - I had realised that I hadn't explained myself and had simply strolled into her flat and got my tits out. Joy.

Design: Concealed support, microfibre, seamfree - brilliant. Perfect for a floaty dress or equally a clingy t-shirt. Comes in Black or Nude and a new lace design.


Dancing Saturday night = Brilliant

Jumping for joy and bruising my legs on the seat in front of me at Chelsea = Fan-bloody-tastic

Three days on and I am still raving about this innovative bra. Go out and grab yourself one right this second.

Friday, 23 April 2010

Faith shoes placed into administration

Shoe giants Faith have been placed into administration today. According to trade magazine Drapers, the deal to secure the brand with the owner of menswear brand, Envy is expected to change the brand into an offering similar to Barrett's.
Comment from fashionistas already suggests that many would prefer the brand to remain as fashion-lead as possible, as opposed to the 'value' message favoured by Barrett's.
I used to work at Faith as a supervisor when I was at university and loved the collections, price point, quality, team spirit and technology they introduced in the form of bar scanners to allow sales staff to remain on the shop floor to engage with the customer, while the top floor staff source the shoe from storage and send down in a lift. Genius.
Such a shame that the brand seems to have fallen behind, while Office and the likes remain high flyers.
A sad story for a British brand on St George's Day :-(

Wednesday, 21 April 2010


Sorry, harsh. But kinda funny...

Waste of OUR money

Ok, so strictly speaking this is not a post about fashion or beauty or anything pretty, but as a journalist and PR, I have a natural desire to write about topics that get my goat. A pal of mine works for the local county council, who currently have a cash crisis and job/pay freeze, etc etc....but she has been on a personality course this week, to determine how her and her colleagues can get on.. It's called talking/meetings/common ground...
Jeeez. get real you looooosers.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Sex and the City 2

Flicking through the Sunday papers is such a relaxing past time and my current favourite...well it has been for sometime, but lots of resonance at present, it The Observer.
Love The New review and this week the Debate Agenda pages included this question:
"Is it time to put Sex and the City out of its misery?"
Eva Wiseman, commissioning editor on the Observer Magazine argued Yes and Jo Elvin, editor of Glamour magazine argued No.
Such an interesting debate, especially among those who were not original SATC fans, but happened upon the first movie and loved it.
I myself, am a huge fan and although many friend will always try and pigeon hole you into one of the characters - are you Carrie, Sam, Miranda or Charlotte, I have always, like a few others, felt a bit like each of them. Sex and PR like Sam - feisty and not afraid of voicing my opinion; journalist and fashion lover like Carrie; a home maker like Charlotte and a smidgen of the seriousness that can often be Miranda. That's why I love the show.
So here are some opinions:

Jess: I will go and see the second film, but I was never a huge fan. I wouldn't go to the cinema to see it. I only go to cinema to see films that I really want to see and rate, SATC doesn't fulfil that. Friday night, wine and the girls, yes, cinema, no.

Sophie: I will be going to see it and I will love it and loved the first one and have watched it loads. I think after this installment it might be time to end it though. I think it is a good thing when you go out on a high, if you did anymore the impact would be diluted and people might not be interested anymore. Why would they do a third? It doesn't need to be dragged out any longer. Don't overdo it. I am sure I will massively enjoy it, but it doesn't need to be dragged on for any longer. Amazing series and then weary film. Not so good.

Shall we watch the film and see what unfolds....? I am excited.....

Side plaits

I am obsessed with plaits at the moment. I have just this moment decided to practice my technique on my pal Sophie - this time we tried the fish tail plait....needless to say I need much more practice.
Now, as a child I hated plaits in my hair. Dear mother would pull my hair into an uber tight ponytail on the top of my head and secure with a band or 'bobble.' She would then plait the remaining hair and secure once more. This proved an effective weapon for hitting other pupils should they annoy me (a great tool as a a ten year old) but the end result would be an aching head and a spell on the naughty chair.
I have since changed my tactic and on Sunday, to fit with the gladiator sandals and floaty dress, I parted my hair on a deep side and gave myself an erratic plait, which suits my 'growing out' phase just fine. Much to my surprise, the compliments started to role in.
First compliment: "Wow, your hair looks gorgeous today, it really suits you. You look so cute, especially with the freckles as an accessory.."
Second compliment: "Wow, I had never thought of plaiting my hair like that - it looks so sweet. It makes you look naughty but nice."
Third compliment: "You have sexy hair. You look sexy. Proper sexy." (from boy, not some random, I might add)
So I have been scouting for some inspirational pix and also genius people on You Tube.

Happy practising and let me know how you get on! x

Billie Piper: Foxy, clever, talented. Perfect!

This is a strange article to be writing, but I am writing about my lust for the gorgeous Billie Piper. I am the first to admit, that when she first started acting and won the part of Rose in Doctor Who, I was not at all impressed. I thought she was annoying and silly and one of the 'lucky' girls who was making fame off the back of her faded pop career. Not anymore, she is delicious.
Now, obviously I have been heavily influenced by the various magazines she has appeared in within the last six months and the much better and much applauded third series of Belle de jour. However, despite the PRs doing an amazing job - she has to be given credit for truly shining in every interview she takes part in. It's all well and good having the recipe, but if you have the wrong ingredients you're going to fall flat on your face.
After having a discussion with my girlfriends, we all agree that she has an amazing mix of the following: Sexiness, non-threatening, wholesome, cheeky, clever, fun and up for a laugh, dedicated and loyal. Qualities we all love, no?
Tbh, I just think she is hot, hot.

Gracing the cover of Marie Claire with Chestnut hair was defo a high point and the fact that she has moved away from the blonde, straggly look and is embracing a gorgeous new coppery shade, is a big hit. Watching Secret Diary of a Call Girl, Ruby in the Smoke and most recently; A Passionate Woman, you can see the personal growth and perhaps, small influences motherhood has had on her. Marriage, motherhood and exploring a variety of roles clearly suits BP and it is refreshing to see such a rounded and accomplished actress being recognised for her work and style - not who she is sleeping with or which parties she is attending.

I am a fully fledged BP fan. I have also convinced boy and he now loves her also. Good times.

No7 Natural Radiance Highlighter

Highlighters are amazing: they show off in all the rights places and enhance that cheeky twinkle in your eye! So I am not surprised in the slightest that the The No7 Natural Radiance Highlighter (£13 has sold out online. I have been reading the reviews on this genius little gem and can see that it really is going down a treat. In light of that, I am planning a Highlighter special to pay homage to the arrival of Spring and awakening of our skin from the perils of Winter weather.

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Tracie Giles

I am hugely lusting after the deliciousness that is Tracie Giles and finally achieving perfect eyebrows courtesy of her unique techniques.
With the trend for fuller, groomed eyebrows courtesy of Emma Watson for Burberry and The likes of Tamsin Eggerton, it has been a nightmare finding the perfect shade to match my eyebrows. I have always had relatively thin eyebrows and when shaped properly (when I can be bothered) they look great and really frame my face.
However, when discovering Tracie Giles, I realised I could achieve this look without having to style them everyday and once again the evening before I head out.
Tracie's Brow Definer and 3D Hair By Hair Perfect Brow treatment is the solution. Based at No 1 Harley Street, the semi permanent make-up lasts about 9-12 months.
Using the latest digital technology sourced from Germany, eyebrows are strengthened, defined, and shaped. The 3D Hair technique precisely replicates natural hair at microscopic level leaving the most flattering, natural-looking eyebrows.
Bring on the summer and eyebrows that frame my freckles!
Prices start from £495

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Heidi Montag

This story makes me sad:

I guess I am one of these girls who is pretty easy going to the choices other people make; I don't spout off about 'she said this' and 'she said that' and I am guessing this is down to the fact that I lived with my papa and wasn't surrounded by the kind of 'general bitchiness' of woman and I say that loosely, but I guess you can understand what I mean? I am more of a tomboy and rarely moan about things that just aren't relevant. oh I wish this and I wish that, but this story scares me.
Heidi Montag had such a unique and beautiful face before her surgery and I understand about feeling insecure and treating your imperfections, but man alive, will she ever stop? I have scars up my legs from accidents and the fragility of my skin from Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, but after being allowed preferential treatment of wearing trousers in the summer because I was so ashamed of them (even in tights) it took me a long time to accept them. Being a teenager is difficult at the best of times, but it took someone to tell me that the scars made me unique and 'who I am' that I finally let go of those insecurities. Don't get me wrong, people still stare of ask me 'dear god what happened to you' in the summer when I am rocking a cute little summer dress, but I just deal with it. I would never change them.
I question who was there for Heidi? It scares me that she has completely altered who she is - she has no trace of her parentage left in her face and she now looks like a barbie doll. This begs the question concerning this conditioning of young minds - the quest for perfection and how the media portrays this.

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Net-a-Porter sold

Fashion Mecca net-A-Porter has been sold with an estimated price tag of around £50m. I must say having been a huge fan of online shopping as a student, this was one site I used to use as eye candy and gain inspiration - then shopping at Topshop and Asos when it launched. Shopping has come so far and I am still a huge fan now.

Sexy Swimwear from Ann Summers

As a woman you pick up on a number of things and with this in mind I would like to reflect upon the effect Ann Summers has on men. Picture the scene, you walk in with all your shopping bags after a lengthy, tiring trek. You utter the words, "baby, I'm back from Tesco" - imagine the response - a kind of acknowledgment, a dismissive wave of a hand and not one glance behind them as their eyes are glued in a little something called Football Focus, or if you're out early enough, Soccer AM. Now imagine that scene once more and utter the words: "baby, I'm back from Ann Summers' and dangle that little hot-pink bag nonchalantly between your manicured fingers...DING, DING! The response is a little something I like to call 'The Ann Summers effect" (completely copyrighted btw). Swifter than you can blink, those sweaty, well-worn jogging bottoms are dropped to the floor with eager anticipation of the delights that ensue...(I paint a pretty picture don't I...ah the love is never lost) Yes, these men know Ann Summers means business. Now you lucky ladies can recreate that magical look on the beach with the launch of Sexy Summers by Ann Summers - the brands debut swimwear collection. With 14 ranges, including bikinis, cover ups and a rather delicious mono-kini and prices starting at a fabulous £8 (I know, brilliant!) you can't go wrong. The range includes a plethora of summer colours, a gel range and a couple of print ranges, which are really on trend. My personal favs are Summer Days, Paradise Beach and Songbird. Feast your eyes and check out for the full range.

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Bestival - latest line up addition...!

As ever - another cracking line-up for Bestival 2010....and the latest addition to the acts, including Dizzee Rascal and Hot Chip is none other than the legends that are Prodigy! Excited is not the word...
Bestival Genius Rob da Bank said: "So, we can finally unveil our Sunday night headliner as Braintree's finest, The Prodigy! Since raving as a young pup to Charly and Out of Space through to caning their new record on my radio show, The Prodigy have been a massive part of my record collection. As far as polishing off the party on Sunday night I can't think of a more explosive finale ... and it's gonna be the last we'll see of them for quite a while on our shores so get in the queue now!"
Prodigy will be headlining on Sunday night and I am pretty certain that all those Bestival ticket holders will be peeing in their pants as we's the moment when the warm dribble fills your socks...ah you know you've had it!
If you haven't already snapped up your ticket, then do so now!

Bestival Tickets available now from:
Ticketline: / 0844 888 4410 (24 hr)

Bestival Ticket + Ferry Travel Deals available now from:
Red Funnel: / 0844 844 9988
Wightlink: / 0871 376 1000

Adult Weekend Ticket (inc. camping) - £150
Adult Tickets are for anyone aged 18 or over on 10/09/2010

Student Weekend Ticket (inc. camping) - £140
For full-time students only. Valid NUS or ISIC ID required at the box office - no other student ID accepted.

Age 13 to 15 Weekend Ticket (inc. camping) - £75
Age 13 to 15 Weekend Tickets are for anyone aged 13 to 15 on 10/09/2010. These ticket holders must be accompanied by a Ticket holding parent or guardian over the age of 21*

Age 12 and Under Weekend Ticket (inc. camping) - FREE (BUT YOU MUST OBTAIN A TICKET)**
Age 12 and Under Weekend Tickets are for anyone aged 12 and under on 10/09/2010. These ticket holders must be accompanied by a Ticket holding parent or guardian over the age of 21*

* One ticket holding parent or guardian can only accompany up to 4 people under the age of 18.
** All Children aged 12 and under will need to a (free) ticket this year. No exceptions.

Campervan Ticket - £60 (per vehicle)
- Your Campervan (or Motorhome) must be specially adapted for people to stay in (which does not include transit vans with a mattress in the back or 4x4s with the seats folded down).
- You will be allocated 9 x 6 meters of space per campervan pitch to use for your campervan, awning and/or to accommodate a few of your friend's tents. If you require more space you will need to buy more than one campervan ticket.
- Water and electricity hook ups will not be available.
- Cars will not be allowed into the Campervan area at any time so consequentially Caravans, Trailer Tents etc are not permitted.

All Tickets:
- will incur a booking fee.
- are non-transferable and cannot be re-sold.

Interview with Almost Zara...

Name: Zara Rabinowicz
Occupation: Freelance Journalist

How did you get started in your career? I’ve been writing ever since I was a little girl and started a school newspaper at 11 year sold, which I made myself, and laboriously photocopied every week. Since then I joined my university paper, interned at almost every magazine in London and sent my Cv to so many people that eventually one of them started paying me on a freelance basis! Perseverance pays off, and you must love what you’re doing, or the rejection will get you down!

What has been your fav career development so far?
I’ve recently gone freelance and still finding my feet around scheduling my work and meetings around working from home. It’s quite a unique experience though and I’m glad I’m trying it- who knows if I’ll go back to a staff job (probably if a dream one came along!) but am currently enjoying the freedom of being my own boss.

Do you hold any qualifications? BA in English and post grad qualification in Magazine Journalism

Advice for anyone breaking into either fashion or journalism?
Start your own blog- if you’re trying to sell yourself on your writing skills, this is a great way of showcasing them. Companies love ‘new media’ expertise so set yourself up on Twitter as well, and be as proactive as you can with applications. If they have no jobs or work experience available ask for a coffee just to discuss options- many people in the industry have been in your position and are more than willing to advise and mentor. Write about what you love and it will be evident in your copy!

Top 5 beauty must haves:
I can’t live without mascara- and am currently loving Avon Extreme Lashes. I’m a big fan of eyeliner and am find MAC do a great pencil that gives a really thick line that can be contoured easily. Sleek MakeUp also do a lovely eyeliner crayon called Kajal which is easily applied. Foundation is a must for me, and I find Clinique foundation really impressive as their range is so huge and they offer such a variety of coverages. Anti Ageing Dewy Smooth would be my favourite! I also love Healthy Sexy Hair Nourish treatment as it really smoothes down the cuticle of flyway hairs and cuts down on my drying time. I’m a big fan of hair straighteners and have a pair of trusty GHD’s but have also discovered a great new brand called Cloudnine which are just as good in my opinion.

Top 5 Wardrobe must haves:
A pair of very impractical shoes which make you feel wonderful- River Island do some great two toned heels, and a dress that always fits no matter how much you’ve eaten. I’d also suggest investing in some tights by Falke- they’re expensive but worth it and will last much longer than the cheaper variety. I’m a big fan of waist belts as they can transform a dull outfit into cinched in glory, and I really love hair accessories, as a beautiful bow or hairband can change your whole look. Not the conventional buy classic shirt and jeans advice, but these ideas work for me.

Top 5 must-read books:
Day of the Triffids by John Wyndham, a must for those who love suspense and intricate character details, Rachel’s Holiday by Marian Keyes for a book that redefines the chick lit genre, The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan for an epic adventure tale that spans continents, anything by Ben Elton if you enjoy laughing out loud on the tube and The Handmaid’s tale by Margaret Atwood for a provocative and challenging tale.

Top 5 must-see films:
I defy anyone not to well up as they watch Boys Don’t Cry- a difficult but moving piece of cinematography, Grease for light entertainment and nostalgia, Sixteen candles for Molly Ringwald, The Matrix for pure adrenalin and Thank you for Smoking for the way it satirises ad men.

Inspirational places:
Thailand makes me feel warm and happy inside, and I always find myself inspired whenever I go to Los Angeles.

Who are your style and beauty icons and why?
I love how Pink and Lily Allen aren’t afraid to experiment with their style and think Madonna is a great icon of a woman who know how to evolve her style through different decades.

Fav places to holiday: I love Los Angles as the beaches are great, the shopping is fab and the people are pretty. However a recent trip to Thailand really opened my eyes to the beauty of the East and how unusual a place can be- it’s great to travel outside your comfort zone, and if you can live through a Thai toilet you can handle anything. I also loved the freedom and the variety of cultures and food that was on offer there.

Do you have any iPhone? If so, what apps do you find indispensable?
Trendtracker was very useful during London Fashion week for the daily updates and schedule, I like the eBay app for browsing on the go, and I love the ChipChick, Sugar and Engadget,
app for my daily dose of tech and lifestyle. I couldn’t live without Google maps and love the Shazam app when I’m trying to identify a song.

Fav magazines to read:
I like Company for the content, Grazia for the pictures and Men’s Health for features. I also really enjoy the Tatler beauty pages and Wired always provides me with inspiration.

Top 5 websites to visit:,,,, and

Music you can't live without:
Anything poppy and funky- like a mixture of Britney, Pink, Tiesto and Ian Van Dahl.

What is your signature dish?
Vegetarian chilli!

What are you working on right now?

Frantically trying to get my copy in for deadline whilst sketching out the draft of my novel.

Where do you hope to be, personal and professionally in five years?
In five years I hope to be happy and living in Los Angeles, writing columns for major web and print nationals and working on my third book.

Friday, 5 March 2010

Cosmopolitan Fashion Awards

The Cosmo fashion Awards kicked off at 8.30am yesterday for the third year and this year was more exciting than ever after Justine Southall announced that the categories were tighter than ever after 1st, 2nd, 3rd was scrapped in favour of Winner and Highly Commended.
Kensington Roof Gardens once again played host and the all important canapes included: Salmon n cream cheese, fruit skewers and pastries...tasty.
The awards kicked off in usual style and the winners were:
Denim: River Island
Lingerie: La Senza
Playwear: Karen Millen
Ethical Retailer: People Tree
One stop shopping: Next
Sexiest Heels: Faith
Workwear: Dorothy Perkins
Jewellery: Accessories
Sports: Nike
Best Bargains: Boo Hoo
Online retailer: Asos
Lust designer: D & G
Bags: New Look
Watches: Guess
Curves: Evans

I think the awards were pretty spot on and after chatting with a few friends we left with our goody bags and were pleased to find enclosed, some rather delish little treats.
T-shirt from Missimo, Rollasole shoes, make-up from Elf and yummy Thorntons chocs were definite highlights! Not a bad way to spend your morning tbh ;-)
Up early and attending the Cosmo Fashion Awards 2010, was not a bad way to start the day...especially considering the sun the shining like a bitch!

Set in Kensington Roof Gardens, the creme da la Creme of Fashion PRs and insiders all gather round to bitch, snitch and admire/compare outfits. I went in for grey and red ensemble in the form of pencil skirt and very high heels.

Canapes: Salmon n cream cheese, fruit skewers, pastries..

Beverages: Juice, tea and coffee...

River Island

YUM. River Island. You blow me away once again.
Every year you come up trumps and this season is no exception - beautiful, unique shoes and exceptional accessories. Take a peek...

£29.99, £74.99 and £36.99

The tiniest details can make a massive difference to any outfit - I will be teaming these beautiful t-bar flats with a cute little gunmental dress. Bliss - if only this sunshine was a little warmer.

Friday, 19 February 2010

I cannot wait to fall down the Rabbit hole that is Alice in Wonderland. I have, along with millions of other Alice and Tim Burton fans, been waiting for the arrival of this majestic 3D masterpiece for quite some time.

I watch the trailer on Flixster on my iphone, at least once a week to keep that momentum going; it really has turned into something of an obsession.

Not only that, Alice is one of my favourite books and Disney films and as a youngster I played Alice in a school play, so the history goes a long way back.
As part of my Alice quest, I have been on the hunt for Alice goodies and have come across some delicious little treats on Truffleshuffle .com - my absolute fav place for all things retro!

'Drink me' glass bottle necklace £30
Gold plated Pocket Watch earrings £14
Silver plated Pocket Watch earrings £14
Brass Key bangle £30
Ladies Alice in Wonderland t-shirt £24.99
Ladies 'I beg your pardon' t-shirt £24.99
All items are available from
I can say with absolute conviction that I will be purchasing several of these goodies - namely the glass bottle as it is deliciiooous!

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

The quest for the perfect hair stylist...

I am pretty fussy. I like things a certain way, although many would say I am fairly laid back. Sill things really...I like my bacon crispy; coffee has to be strong and creamy, coke has to be Pepsi, kisses have to be slow and fierce or fast and passionate (none of that inbetweeny crap) and post-its have to be pink. Based on all of this - my choice of hairdresser has taken a beating over the years. My friend was perfect until she gave up and since then I have flitted and flirted between stylists, looking for someone who engages with me, gives me the perfect hairstyle and comes in on budget.
Luckily, I have found the perfect hairdresser. Back in November I blogged about a fabulous stylist at Saks, Kings Hill, Kent. Silly Melon, as she is affectionately known - otherwise known as Mel has cured my stylist phobia and I am in hair heaven.
She is the one stylist I have happily and excitedly returned to (as opposed to grudgingly, cos they kinda got it right at my last appointment...) and every time I am glad I did.
The team welcome you with big smiles, coffee (strong and creamy! YUM) is always on offer, the gossip is always interesting and most importantly the girls who look after you seem to have robot memories - "I remember last time you were doing this/that/the other" A-M-Azing...
So next on my list at Kings Hill:
Spray Tan (clearly the daylight hours are getting longer - I need to start prepping!)
Eyebrow tint

Here's to the hair!
Saks Hair and Beauty, David Lloyd Leisure, 21A Kings Hill Avenue, West Malling, Kent
ME19 4UA. 01732 843445


I am excited by the news that I will be learning the mystics of Reiki. I have had Reiki twice now and both times I have come away feeling blown away by the feelings that surge throughout me afterwards - as well as feeling better and healthier.
The Royal Day Spa in Tunbridge Wells will be my centre of learning, but as I know so little at the moment, I am offering you a little insight into the world of Reiki, via one of the senior therapists at the spa.

Reiki - What is it?

Reiki is a hands on healing method, used to channel life force energy. The practitioner giving reiki, channels the energy through the body and out of the hands to treat the recipient or themselves.

The main benefits of Reiki:

Encourages the bodies natural ability to self heal

Functions on a mental, spiritual, physical and emotional level

Helps to balance the bodies energy

Strengthens the body and soul

Helps to rid the body of accumulated toxins

Reiki has a logic of its own, knowing where and to what extent it is required.

It works with not only people but animals and plants

Is an extremely pleasant and safe healing method

It can help with depression and any physical or mental illnesses

Can help grieving family members and to release past emotional pain

The history of Reiki:
It is believed that a man called Mikao Usui who was born back in August 15th 1865 in the Yamagata of Gifu prefecture Japan. Usui was looking for a way of knowing one's life purpose and to be content, and despite all his exhaustive research, he could not find away to achieve this state. The monks advice, promoted him to go to mount Kurama and carry out a 21 day tendai Buddhist meditation and fast called the lotus repentance. According his memorial stone, he experienced an enlightenment or 'satori' that led to the development of reiki. So it is said that reiki is represented in Japan in the early part of the last century.
For a long time in the west, people thought reiki had died out in japan and that the reiki that was left was to a lady called Mrs Takata. Mrs Takata was a very strict reiki master, who taught reiki to her students, but made the burn all information and symbols taught to them after they had spent years studying them. This was to stop anyone from stealing and corrupting the reiki teaching.
The information we now have about the original version of reiki comes from a number of different sources, and two of the mot well known of these are frank Arjava Petter and Hiroshi Doi. Arava Petter is a WWestern reiki master who lives and works in japan and has published 3 books based on his research there. However more detailed information has been made available in the west by a Japanese man called Hiroshi Doi.
What you might call the original reiki from Japan is very different from western reiki. The basis Of Japanese reiki combines three activities: daily energy exercises, hand scanning and intuitive techniques and regular spiritual empowerment. Reiki trainees would have to practice daily exercises called Hatsu-Rei-Ho which is designed to strengthen and purify there reiki empowerment, increasing their effectiveness of reiki channelling.
The western form of reiki is almost a copy from Japanese reiki, but is just snippets of information that has slipped out of the Japanese masters hands. However because the information the western reiki is a small amount, it has allowed us to develop the and play with the reiki energy and is just as effective as the Japanese style reiki.
There is a lot more to reiki than we have yet experienced. Reiki that is being used, has produced amazing results and changed many peoples lives in incredible ways. There is a lot more information that we have yet to learn, so this is a very exciting time to be involved in reiki blessings!

I look forward to keeping you updated with my progress. K

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Interview: Beauty PR Lucy Dartford

Beauty interview:
Lucy Dartford
Public Relations

Age 26

Having studied Fashion Promotion at the University for the Creative Arts
(UCA) in Epsom I immediately knew PR and marketing was an area I wanted to further explore. I really enjoyed networking and meeting new people.

On leaving uni, I worked at a leading fashion, beauty and lifestyle PR company working as an intern. Worked long hours and didn’t get paid but watched, listen and learnt how a real PR company was run.
I worked closely with everyone from account execs, account managers through to the directors and further developed the skills I learnt at university, for example, writing press releases, launch parties, copy-writing etc I got stuck in as much as the job allowed. I was then promoted to PR Assistant and started to get more involved in various accounts. It was at this stage that I knew beauty and fashion was my forte.
Due to the size of the company and low salary, developing within this company was looking difficult so I chose to go my own way. Within my time at
at this PR company, I had personally built up my own contacts database and had a strong understanding of how this industry worked. I had also formed several close relationships with various journalists and magazine editors

In order to get some money together and consider the possibility of working for myself, I worked as a make up consultant for YSL. It was during this time that I was approached by Jinny Lash, the eyelash extension specialists.

The company director knew of my previous PR experience and needed a strategy
that would inject some excitement into her brand. I devised and pitched a PR
strategy with the previous knowledge from university and my time at the initial PR company. I was then appointed PR consultant for Jinny Lash and began my campaign.

Over time i achieved some good results, which were echoed in sales and dramatically increased revenue and gave me the buzz to continue and achieve more. During this time, i began researching other PR companies and hired a graphic designer to design my own company corporate ID. On registering myself as a PR consultant, my corporate ID was then fed into various marketing material such as business cards, letter head etc

Through my work with Jinny Lash, I joined forces with numerous companies such as Ann Summers/ Knickerbox and previewed the eyelash technique at their press days. This offered me a platform to reconnect with various journalists/ editors and reintroduce myself as a freelance PR consultant. It was around this time that Jinny Rainbow, sister company to Jinny Lash also enlisted my services.

During my time with Jinny Lash and Jinny Rainbow, I was head hunted by Tracie Giles, CEO of Tracie Giles International, and N0.1 Harley Street. Having seen the results I was achieving for the Jinny brand, we joined forces.

I have now been operating for approximately 6 months and have since been approached and pitched for 3 more brands: 2 beauty brands and 1 fashion house. I have also enlisted a fantastic web design team who will launch my website end Feb.

Highlights have included:
-Achieving high quality editorial in consumer press including Tatler, Marie Claire and The Daily Mail which resulted in impressive profit growth and SEO rankings -Working with various celebrities to achieve some great endorsement -Working alongside high profile companies and brands for various promotions including Juicy Couture perfume launch, Ann Summers/ Knickerbox press days and OK celebrity parties -being interviewed for TV and radio shows, Wedding TV being the most recent -being interviewed and photographed for Boots magazine and Essentials magazines (both out in Feb I believe) -Assisting in the growth of the Jinny brand and launching brand into Selfridges and other major retail locations

What you love most:
I really enjoy being my own boss. I am free to use my own knowledge and intuition to devise various PR campaigns and strategies. I get a huge sense of satisfaction when a strategy is successful and love to exceed client expectations. I love meeting new people and have the privilege of working with some of the worlds most inspirational women and men everyday. There is nothing better than waking up and loving what you do.

Challenges you face day to day:

Sometimes there just doesn't seem to be enough time in the day!
Working for myself means I do everything myself! From press releases to last minute press requests to updating reports, I have to be on the ball and available at all times of the day which can often continue late into the evening and weekends. I also have to constantly recalibrate and readjust my company expenditure with imperative databases and portals such as Gorkana and Beauty4media.

The Future:
Moving forward and on launching my website, I hope to expand and perhaps take on another member of staff.