Thursday, 1 April 2010

Sexy Swimwear from Ann Summers

As a woman you pick up on a number of things and with this in mind I would like to reflect upon the effect Ann Summers has on men. Picture the scene, you walk in with all your shopping bags after a lengthy, tiring trek. You utter the words, "baby, I'm back from Tesco" - imagine the response - a kind of acknowledgment, a dismissive wave of a hand and not one glance behind them as their eyes are glued in a little something called Football Focus, or if you're out early enough, Soccer AM. Now imagine that scene once more and utter the words: "baby, I'm back from Ann Summers' and dangle that little hot-pink bag nonchalantly between your manicured fingers...DING, DING! The response is a little something I like to call 'The Ann Summers effect" (completely copyrighted btw). Swifter than you can blink, those sweaty, well-worn jogging bottoms are dropped to the floor with eager anticipation of the delights that ensue...(I paint a pretty picture don't I...ah the love is never lost) Yes, these men know Ann Summers means business. Now you lucky ladies can recreate that magical look on the beach with the launch of Sexy Summers by Ann Summers - the brands debut swimwear collection. With 14 ranges, including bikinis, cover ups and a rather delicious mono-kini and prices starting at a fabulous £8 (I know, brilliant!) you can't go wrong. The range includes a plethora of summer colours, a gel range and a couple of print ranges, which are really on trend. My personal favs are Summer Days, Paradise Beach and Songbird. Feast your eyes and check out for the full range.

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