Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Billie Piper: Foxy, clever, talented. Perfect!

This is a strange article to be writing, but I am writing about my lust for the gorgeous Billie Piper. I am the first to admit, that when she first started acting and won the part of Rose in Doctor Who, I was not at all impressed. I thought she was annoying and silly and one of the 'lucky' girls who was making fame off the back of her faded pop career. Not anymore, she is delicious.
Now, obviously I have been heavily influenced by the various magazines she has appeared in within the last six months and the much better and much applauded third series of Belle de jour. However, despite the PRs doing an amazing job - she has to be given credit for truly shining in every interview she takes part in. It's all well and good having the recipe, but if you have the wrong ingredients you're going to fall flat on your face.
After having a discussion with my girlfriends, we all agree that she has an amazing mix of the following: Sexiness, non-threatening, wholesome, cheeky, clever, fun and up for a laugh, dedicated and loyal. Qualities we all love, no?
Tbh, I just think she is hot, hot.

Gracing the cover of Marie Claire with Chestnut hair was defo a high point and the fact that she has moved away from the blonde, straggly look and is embracing a gorgeous new coppery shade, is a big hit. Watching Secret Diary of a Call Girl, Ruby in the Smoke and most recently; A Passionate Woman, you can see the personal growth and perhaps, small influences motherhood has had on her. Marriage, motherhood and exploring a variety of roles clearly suits BP and it is refreshing to see such a rounded and accomplished actress being recognised for her work and style - not who she is sleeping with or which parties she is attending.

I am a fully fledged BP fan. I have also convinced boy and he now loves her also. Good times.

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