Friday, 23 April 2010

Faith shoes placed into administration

Shoe giants Faith have been placed into administration today. According to trade magazine Drapers, the deal to secure the brand with the owner of menswear brand, Envy is expected to change the brand into an offering similar to Barrett's.
Comment from fashionistas already suggests that many would prefer the brand to remain as fashion-lead as possible, as opposed to the 'value' message favoured by Barrett's.
I used to work at Faith as a supervisor when I was at university and loved the collections, price point, quality, team spirit and technology they introduced in the form of bar scanners to allow sales staff to remain on the shop floor to engage with the customer, while the top floor staff source the shoe from storage and send down in a lift. Genius.
Such a shame that the brand seems to have fallen behind, while Office and the likes remain high flyers.
A sad story for a British brand on St George's Day :-(

Wednesday, 21 April 2010


Sorry, harsh. But kinda funny...

Waste of OUR money

Ok, so strictly speaking this is not a post about fashion or beauty or anything pretty, but as a journalist and PR, I have a natural desire to write about topics that get my goat. A pal of mine works for the local county council, who currently have a cash crisis and job/pay freeze, etc etc....but she has been on a personality course this week, to determine how her and her colleagues can get on.. It's called talking/meetings/common ground...
Jeeez. get real you looooosers.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Sex and the City 2

Flicking through the Sunday papers is such a relaxing past time and my current favourite...well it has been for sometime, but lots of resonance at present, it The Observer.
Love The New review and this week the Debate Agenda pages included this question:
"Is it time to put Sex and the City out of its misery?"
Eva Wiseman, commissioning editor on the Observer Magazine argued Yes and Jo Elvin, editor of Glamour magazine argued No.
Such an interesting debate, especially among those who were not original SATC fans, but happened upon the first movie and loved it.
I myself, am a huge fan and although many friend will always try and pigeon hole you into one of the characters - are you Carrie, Sam, Miranda or Charlotte, I have always, like a few others, felt a bit like each of them. Sex and PR like Sam - feisty and not afraid of voicing my opinion; journalist and fashion lover like Carrie; a home maker like Charlotte and a smidgen of the seriousness that can often be Miranda. That's why I love the show.
So here are some opinions:

Jess: I will go and see the second film, but I was never a huge fan. I wouldn't go to the cinema to see it. I only go to cinema to see films that I really want to see and rate, SATC doesn't fulfil that. Friday night, wine and the girls, yes, cinema, no.

Sophie: I will be going to see it and I will love it and loved the first one and have watched it loads. I think after this installment it might be time to end it though. I think it is a good thing when you go out on a high, if you did anymore the impact would be diluted and people might not be interested anymore. Why would they do a third? It doesn't need to be dragged out any longer. Don't overdo it. I am sure I will massively enjoy it, but it doesn't need to be dragged on for any longer. Amazing series and then weary film. Not so good.

Shall we watch the film and see what unfolds....? I am excited.....

Side plaits

I am obsessed with plaits at the moment. I have just this moment decided to practice my technique on my pal Sophie - this time we tried the fish tail plait....needless to say I need much more practice.
Now, as a child I hated plaits in my hair. Dear mother would pull my hair into an uber tight ponytail on the top of my head and secure with a band or 'bobble.' She would then plait the remaining hair and secure once more. This proved an effective weapon for hitting other pupils should they annoy me (a great tool as a a ten year old) but the end result would be an aching head and a spell on the naughty chair.
I have since changed my tactic and on Sunday, to fit with the gladiator sandals and floaty dress, I parted my hair on a deep side and gave myself an erratic plait, which suits my 'growing out' phase just fine. Much to my surprise, the compliments started to role in.
First compliment: "Wow, your hair looks gorgeous today, it really suits you. You look so cute, especially with the freckles as an accessory.."
Second compliment: "Wow, I had never thought of plaiting my hair like that - it looks so sweet. It makes you look naughty but nice."
Third compliment: "You have sexy hair. You look sexy. Proper sexy." (from boy, not some random, I might add)
So I have been scouting for some inspirational pix and also genius people on You Tube.

Happy practising and let me know how you get on! x

Billie Piper: Foxy, clever, talented. Perfect!

This is a strange article to be writing, but I am writing about my lust for the gorgeous Billie Piper. I am the first to admit, that when she first started acting and won the part of Rose in Doctor Who, I was not at all impressed. I thought she was annoying and silly and one of the 'lucky' girls who was making fame off the back of her faded pop career. Not anymore, she is delicious.
Now, obviously I have been heavily influenced by the various magazines she has appeared in within the last six months and the much better and much applauded third series of Belle de jour. However, despite the PRs doing an amazing job - she has to be given credit for truly shining in every interview she takes part in. It's all well and good having the recipe, but if you have the wrong ingredients you're going to fall flat on your face.
After having a discussion with my girlfriends, we all agree that she has an amazing mix of the following: Sexiness, non-threatening, wholesome, cheeky, clever, fun and up for a laugh, dedicated and loyal. Qualities we all love, no?
Tbh, I just think she is hot, hot.

Gracing the cover of Marie Claire with Chestnut hair was defo a high point and the fact that she has moved away from the blonde, straggly look and is embracing a gorgeous new coppery shade, is a big hit. Watching Secret Diary of a Call Girl, Ruby in the Smoke and most recently; A Passionate Woman, you can see the personal growth and perhaps, small influences motherhood has had on her. Marriage, motherhood and exploring a variety of roles clearly suits BP and it is refreshing to see such a rounded and accomplished actress being recognised for her work and style - not who she is sleeping with or which parties she is attending.

I am a fully fledged BP fan. I have also convinced boy and he now loves her also. Good times.

No7 Natural Radiance Highlighter

Highlighters are amazing: they show off in all the rights places and enhance that cheeky twinkle in your eye! So I am not surprised in the slightest that the The No7 Natural Radiance Highlighter (£13 has sold out online. I have been reading the reviews on this genius little gem and can see that it really is going down a treat. In light of that, I am planning a Highlighter special to pay homage to the arrival of Spring and awakening of our skin from the perils of Winter weather.

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Tracie Giles

I am hugely lusting after the deliciousness that is Tracie Giles and finally achieving perfect eyebrows courtesy of her unique techniques.
With the trend for fuller, groomed eyebrows courtesy of Emma Watson for Burberry and The likes of Tamsin Eggerton, it has been a nightmare finding the perfect shade to match my eyebrows. I have always had relatively thin eyebrows and when shaped properly (when I can be bothered) they look great and really frame my face.
However, when discovering Tracie Giles, I realised I could achieve this look without having to style them everyday and once again the evening before I head out.
Tracie's Brow Definer and 3D Hair By Hair Perfect Brow treatment is the solution. Based at No 1 Harley Street, the semi permanent make-up lasts about 9-12 months.
Using the latest digital technology sourced from Germany, eyebrows are strengthened, defined, and shaped. The 3D Hair technique precisely replicates natural hair at microscopic level leaving the most flattering, natural-looking eyebrows.
Bring on the summer and eyebrows that frame my freckles!
Prices start from £495

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Heidi Montag

This story makes me sad:

I guess I am one of these girls who is pretty easy going to the choices other people make; I don't spout off about 'she said this' and 'she said that' and I am guessing this is down to the fact that I lived with my papa and wasn't surrounded by the kind of 'general bitchiness' of woman and I say that loosely, but I guess you can understand what I mean? I am more of a tomboy and rarely moan about things that just aren't relevant. oh I wish this and I wish that, but this story scares me.
Heidi Montag had such a unique and beautiful face before her surgery and I understand about feeling insecure and treating your imperfections, but man alive, will she ever stop? I have scars up my legs from accidents and the fragility of my skin from Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, but after being allowed preferential treatment of wearing trousers in the summer because I was so ashamed of them (even in tights) it took me a long time to accept them. Being a teenager is difficult at the best of times, but it took someone to tell me that the scars made me unique and 'who I am' that I finally let go of those insecurities. Don't get me wrong, people still stare of ask me 'dear god what happened to you' in the summer when I am rocking a cute little summer dress, but I just deal with it. I would never change them.
I question who was there for Heidi? It scares me that she has completely altered who she is - she has no trace of her parentage left in her face and she now looks like a barbie doll. This begs the question concerning this conditioning of young minds - the quest for perfection and how the media portrays this.

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Net-a-Porter sold

Fashion Mecca net-A-Porter has been sold with an estimated price tag of around £50m. I must say having been a huge fan of online shopping as a student, this was one site I used to use as eye candy and gain inspiration - then shopping at Topshop and Asos when it launched. Shopping has come so far and I am still a huge fan now.

Sexy Swimwear from Ann Summers

As a woman you pick up on a number of things and with this in mind I would like to reflect upon the effect Ann Summers has on men. Picture the scene, you walk in with all your shopping bags after a lengthy, tiring trek. You utter the words, "baby, I'm back from Tesco" - imagine the response - a kind of acknowledgment, a dismissive wave of a hand and not one glance behind them as their eyes are glued in a little something called Football Focus, or if you're out early enough, Soccer AM. Now imagine that scene once more and utter the words: "baby, I'm back from Ann Summers' and dangle that little hot-pink bag nonchalantly between your manicured fingers...DING, DING! The response is a little something I like to call 'The Ann Summers effect" (completely copyrighted btw). Swifter than you can blink, those sweaty, well-worn jogging bottoms are dropped to the floor with eager anticipation of the delights that ensue...(I paint a pretty picture don't I...ah the love is never lost) Yes, these men know Ann Summers means business. Now you lucky ladies can recreate that magical look on the beach with the launch of Sexy Summers by Ann Summers - the brands debut swimwear collection. With 14 ranges, including bikinis, cover ups and a rather delicious mono-kini and prices starting at a fabulous £8 (I know, brilliant!) you can't go wrong. The range includes a plethora of summer colours, a gel range and a couple of print ranges, which are really on trend. My personal favs are Summer Days, Paradise Beach and Songbird. Feast your eyes and check out for the full range.