Thursday, 18 September 2008

Eastenders pervert storyline

As much as I cannot watch the Eastenders storyline for too long without covering my eyes, I think they are handling a really sensitive issue very well.
The lovely Whitney Dean, played by Shona McGarty is really capturing the essence of a child who has been completely and utterly taken in by her pervert stepdad.
Reading around, there have been a number of complaints about the pre-watershed show
and although people are more than welcome to have their say, I ask: why watch it?
They know it is going to be a sensitive subject - they know how difficult it must have been for the script writers, producers and actors to capture and tackle such an awful subject - so why oh why keep watching and then complain?
Eastenders are well known for tackling these hard-hitting and topical debates and have featured such a wide range of issues, this one was bound to pop up sooner or later.
The BBC received 163 complaints and Ofcom 41.
If you don't like the subject matter and aren't brave enough to face up to what is going on in the world, then close your eyes and don't bloody watch.
Failing that - visit the NSPCC website and take a long, hard look at the reality of today's society.

Brightlife Spa and relaxation

Imagine yourself floating in the air, suspended above the crashing waves of the sea with not a care in the world.
Sound like bliss?
Well you can experience this amazing feeling at the world-renowned retreat Brightlife; a haven of therapies and treatments nestled in between mountains and rivers on the Isle of Man.
The little isle has been in the news recently after Brad and Angelina named one of their newborn twins after Archibald Knox, the famous Liberty’s artist who hailed from the Manx and it emerged Madonna and Guy take breaks on the seafront to get away from it all.
As well as attracting the attention of Hollywood’s elite, the isle also attracts hundreds of visitors from around the world, all heading north towards Brightlife.
The retreat offers a plethora of alternative therapies and courses ranging from the weird to the wonderful.
The famous spa hosts BETAR Music Therapy, an experience that leaves you feeling as if you have left your body, draining the stress and toils of daily life far behind.
BETAR helps rid stress from continually scavenged cells, tissues, vessels, organs and bones – suspending you from what can only be described as a metal chamber.
Follow the out of this world experience with an Indian head massage or the hot stone massage favoured by the likes of Gywnnie and co.
If you are attending one of the many courses, perhaps yoga, finish your day by taking a dip in the floatation tank and let your stresses melt away.
Brightlife hosts weekends of courses and therapies, offering anything from Egyptian belly Dancing, to Yoga retreats to Military fun fitness.
Perfect for those on a budget, the Isle of Man is a world away from mainland UK and when looking around you could easily feel as if you have been transported to a land far far away.
After a range of treatments at Brightlife it is incredibly hard to pull yourself away, but just remember there is always next year.
Visit for info and bookings

Monday, 15 September 2008

Very merry

Well I have just been commissioned a series of 10 Internet TV shows that I have got to produce and present - start filming in two weeks.
So exciting!
Links will be popped on here so you can watch celeb interviews, beauty tips and fashion shows!
I have one model, who at the age of 17, is so dedicated and determined to feature in the shows that once she had looked through the production notes and and clocked a 'Daisy Lowe look' she trotted off and dyed her long brunette locks a shade of slate and cut in a fringe!
I could hardly refuse her after that - such dedication to the arts!

We will be featured here: and the shows should be airing in November some time - we do not have an exact date yet.

HOW AMAZING was Tess of the D' Urbervilles last night? LOVE Gemma Arterton (not just because she is a Kent girl) but because she is amazing!
Love Hardy, so have been waiting for this for months.
That, coupled with Amazon with the lovely Bruce Parry tonight, Mutual Friends (mmm Marc Warren) on Tuesday and Lost in Austen (!!) on Wednesday I am spoilt for choice.

Feeling a little crazy at the moment - I am freelancing so much and trying to save up for the move to Oz and it is all building up; have terrible neck ache this morning.

So I was pleased at the weekend when all the products starting arriving for the new shows. Mac sent me an array of beautiful false eyelashes and some electric pink lipsticks and cremes. They were also kind enough to send me a big tube of adhesive - usually you are left to hunt for your own and I can never find any really good ones out there.
The lovely, gorgeous bunch at Beauty Seen PR also sent me a selection of Ruby and Millie eyeshadows and nail varnishes for the show and..the legendary Eve Lom cleanser, which I am struggling not to use as it calls my name from its box...
I get to smoother this lovely formula all over my models face - the lucky thing she is.
I am not bitter at all....

Thursday, 21 August 2008


Not quite beauty related but have to use this blog for all shouts!!
Reading papers this morning and noting that we are being called a nation of lazy people who have no inclination whatsoever to use our bank holiday productively.
So? We're being charged more to drive, petrol is up, food is up, energy is up - we all have fuck all to spend and we are being called lazy and dull in a roundabout way..
What the hell is wrong with sitting indoors when it is pouring with rain; we are being told to cut down on our carbon footprint, so again staying indoors can be no bad thing; we can all bond seen as Britain is a 'nation of broken homes' and play lovely games like Scrabble and Jenga (!!) and we don't have to sit and watch the news as we are too busy screaming at each other after your old grandpa started cheating at poker..when the the trussed up turkey newsreader pops up and tells us that the traffic is terrible, the weather is terrible and Britain is falling apart.
The only time we have any success or luck is abroad...
Is is any wonder so many people are sodding off to Oz and NZ?
We are charged ridiculous prices for EVERYTHING the only things that seem to be cheap and easily accessible are drugs, knives and booze.
The best way to keep our economy afloat eh?!
Our public transport is abysmal, young people have no money to buy their first homes and if they receive inheritance from an aunt they are taxed again, leaving them where they started.
The middle and upper class leaders have no idea how hard it is for the working class families and again wonder why so many people are claiming and living in council houses?
What's the point of working your arse off all week when the money goes on stupid taxes and you're left with just enough to buy fish and chips on a Friday night?
You may as well sit at home, have your bills paid, have a lovely size garden and be able to walk your kids to playschool cos you don't have anywhere to be.
I know what life I would choose!
I am a little wound up this morning, as you can probably tell and am fed up with the way so many people are treated in our country, while the leaders are swanning around in their fancy cars, suits and eating a decent meal when thousands of people are living below the poverty line and have no choice but to buy tinned food and not organic Notting Hill fodder.
I admire Delia Smith for attempting to communicate with them by offering up alternatives - she had the right idea.
We cannot afford organic, fresh and super food from Waitrose. Fresh peas to feed 4 people: £1.38 / Tinned peas to feed family of four FOR A WEEK - £1.10.
Can anybody see?

Monday, 11 August 2008

Beautiful new autumn Chanel collection

I must admit that when it comes to anything shiny and shimmery I am a sucker.

So when the new collection from Chanel landed on my desk, I was slobbering away like a big, hulky dog with a bone.
I am loving shade Kaleidoscope, so this new shade was heaven for me also.
(for some strange reason, looking at my screen as I type, the bottle is blue and not gold in the image...)
Imagine a palace filled with all the jewels imaginable and you have this wonderful gold.
mmmmm, heaven.
The new collection by Global Creative Director Peter Phillips, is sure to keep tongues wagging, so keep a look out!
Le Vernis Gold Fiction: House of Fraser, Boots, Harrods, Selfridges.

Turbo Lash from Estee Lauder

Wow! "Maximum volume, length, separation, definition and curling - all effects in one."
Can the new Turbo lash from Estee really do all these amazing things.

It would appear so.

This is what they say:

"A revolutionary breakthrough, the patent-pending TurboLash All Effects Motion Mascara™ combines an innovative formula and brush design with a unique micropulsing effect that allows the brush to penetrate deep into the lash bed and comb through lashes more quickly and effectively. As the brush gently works its way through the lashes, it expertly separates then saturates the lashes with the luxurious formula from root to tip."
The flashy lash gadget pulls lashes separate as it is oscillates at 125 cycles per second, powered by a button cell battery.
The TurboLash All Effects Motion Mascara™ is Ophthalmologist-tested, fragrance-free and safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers, which is perfect for me as a sensitive eye kinda gal.
At a cool £28 you can invest in this bad boy and if so top up your regime or use this full time.
Available at Harrods.

Interview with designer Katie Rose

Interview with designer Katie Rose, currently in the midst of launching her new collection and tipped as the next big thing.
Katie is currently at Vivienne Westwood and has just returned from Poland where she showcased her new collection of knitted berets.
I myself have one of her beautiful mohair and Swarovski crystal berets and am always asked about it and where it is from - well now you know!
You can have hats custom made by Katie or browse her website for the latest range.

My inspirations:

Fashion inspirations wise I have always loved Vivienne Westwood. I saw her moc-croc platforms at the V and A at a Street Style exhibition in 1993; I was 8 and I fell in love with them! I love the way she takes things like orthopedic shoes and safety pins and creates something sexy and appealing from them. I also love Biba; Barbara Hulanikki was Polish like me, and she used the most amazing textures, prints and colours in her fabric. Ozzie Clark and Celia Birtwell's prints have always inspired me, I love the gipsy style patterns and floaty fabrics, also I think the dresses are very flattering and feminine.

My Icons: Again Vivienne Westwood because she broke out of a marriage and her job as a primary school teacher and was an enormous catalyst in creating the Punk movement in the 70's. This shows me that pretty much anything is possible if you have a courage and don't care what people think! A lot of people tell me my work 'isn't commercial enough' but I just think 'good!' because I don't want to please the general public, I just create things that I love. Its amazing to be working at Vivienne Westwood because I can wear what I want and feel natural. My other icons are Jane Birkin, Jean Seberg and Katherine DeNueuve for their style and beauty.

Beauty products: I love Bobbi Brown because their colours are so vibrant and glam rock! I love the ruby slipper nail varnish and the metallic eye liners. I love YSL lipstick 'Orange Fuzz' and 'Ruby Starlet'. They do really unusual shades such as peach and in between pink and red, they taste of peach and stay on for ages. I also love New York Red by Chanel which tastes of roses. I buy a lot of make up from Primark, they do glittery eye liner for £1 which is great!

Favourite hang outs: In London are anywhere that my friends are really but I absolutely adore Greenwich Park, Cafe Royal, BubbleGum in Deptford, The Amersham Arms, The New Cross Inn, Koko, Goddards Pie and Mash stall in Greenwich, The V and A, The National Gallery and The 100 club.

My style: Is eclectic. I wear a lot of vintage, prints, stripes, sequins, berets, I love to mix old and new styles together. I adapt a lot of my clothes, and accessorize with costume jewellery and vintage bags. I love my tassels on everything, I love high waisted jeans, shorts, skirts and dresses, and I love to change about 3 times a day! I was born in Hackney but grew up in Hastings which defiantly influenced me. Hastings is quite bohemian. Its full of artists, drunks, weirdos and musicians. A lot of friends are creative and very open. I did art foundation at Hastings College and it helped me to experiment.

A lot of things outside fashion inspire me. I take photographs everywhere. I love interiors of himes, things that people collect and the way they arrange things. I love the photography of Diane Arbus and Weegee. I love pre- Raphelite paintings especially Ophelia by Millet. I love films such as 'Belle De Jour' and 'Donkey Skin' and I am obsessed about collecting junk! My Polish Grandmother inspired my final collection. She has an obsession with hoarding because she lost everything in the war so she never throws ANYTHING away. She keep egg boxes, clothes, broken toys, bits of fabric. She was a dress maker so has a huge amount of amazing clothes and shoes from the 1920's till now. She still goes to bootsales and buys more. She has given a lot of clothes to me and I wear something from her house almost everyday. The problem is the house is falling to hits and one room has already burnt down and she has left it like that. I made a lot of my collection out of clothes from her house which were full of burns and holes, but it really produced something quite extraordinary and beautiful.

Favourite books: 'Whatever you think think the opposite' by Paul Arden'Kitchin' by Banama Yashimoto'The Alchamist' by P. Caleo.

Favourite designers: I have mentioned and artists Basquiat, Andy Warhol, Millet, Rubins and Pauline Botti and Freda Carlo.

Favourite food: Fish and chips and mushy peas, avocado, honey comb ice cream from The Ivy with hot chocolate sauce, my mums roast, moules and frites and a good old fry up.
Favourite films: Donkey Skin, Belle De Jour, Repulsion, Blow Up, Blade Runner, Walk the Line, The Umbrellas of Cherbourg, Breathless and Vivre Sa Vie Favourite wine; Pink champagne

Favourite songs: Me and Bobbi Magee by Janis Joplin, Tennessee Homesick Blues by Dolly Parton, Holy Rolla Novacane by The Kings of Leon, Black Dog and When the Levve breaks by Led Zepplin, Gone Gone Gone by Alison Krauss and Robert Plant, Hey Joe by Jimmi Hendrix, Wet Sand by The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, The nights too long by Sandy Rodgers, 20th century boy by T-REX

TV programmes: Desperate House Wives, Sex in the City and Top Gear

Dead or Alive table: Maralyn Monroe, Jimmi Hendrix, Andy Warhol, Johnny Cash, Elvis, Marc Bowlan, Pauline Botti, Edie Sedgwick, Eistein and my cat Pinky.

Shoes: over 120 only 3 designer and most of them vintage from my granny

Jewellery designers: The Great Frog, Hannah Martin, vintage Chanel and Johnny Rocket I also love native American Indian jewellery

Shoe designer: Vivienne Westwood

Handbags: I'm not really a hand bag girl but my must haves are an alligator clutch purse, a tasseled black leather shoulder bag and a fake book clutch bag

Trends I am loving: Are the maxi dress, orange nail varnish and floral print with goth style studs and black
Trend predictions: Are the round mirrored glasses that Paul McCartney wore will come back soon!

I would love to style Alison Krauss or Duffy cos they need help! And Johnny Depp, Robert Plant and Gwen Stafani because it would be fun, not that they need styling though.....Also Madonna cos she needs to to embrace old age and stop wearing leotards on stage!

Check out some of Katie's designs or have a beautiful hat custom made:

Elegant Touch's new designer nail collection

The boundaries of fashion and art have now collided: the new range of nails has landed.

Elegant Touch, known for their fabulous adhesive nails have launched Detail Therapy the first ever collection of faux pre-glued nails inspired by the hottest looks from the catwalk.
Elegant Touch has launched the range comprising of 24 styles, from Icicle which includes miniature diamantes, to Indian Ink, Henna-tattoo inspired nails in baby pink and black.

There are so many to choose from and even though I have never been a fan of the stick-on nail - it seems to tacky to me, these are amazing.

The convenience of stick-on nails, that actually last and look good. None of this cheapness that I had previously associated with them - just cute nails that are great if you're in a rush or need something a little different.

The pack of 24 lasts for ages, the nail sizes are great, the quality is second to none and the price of £8.49 ensures you can have fabulous nails on a budget.

I was also surprised to learn that Elegant Touch have hundreds of different nails and products in their collection and they are really good quality for a snip of what you would pay in a salon.

Love it!

Even celebrity make-up artist Claire Ray is fan, saying: "These are my secret weapons to disguise celebrities' bitten nails! "They're inexpensive, ideal for a quick solution when there's no time to go to the salon, and the catwalk inspired designs add instant glamour for any red carpet event".I'm sold!

Call 0208 573 9907

Thursday, 22 May 2008

Chat with Abi harding from The Zutons

Radio 1 Big Weekend. What an amazing weekend. One of the biggst highlights was getting to meet Abi from The Zutons - who I love. She is amazing...her hair, her style, her effortless chic. Top chick.
She looked amazing in her Diane Von Furstenberg playsuit and Stella McCartney pumps.
BSG: You look amazing as usual, what are you wearing?
AH: DVF and Stella; I love these two designers and I love to wear things that are different. I am a huge fan of the High Street, but to be honest, I have to look elsewhere a lot of the time cos' I like my style to be very individual.
BSG: What do you look for in an outfit?
AH: It has to stand out. No matter what. I like colourful outfits and if I see something that catches my eye I just have to have it.
BSG: Why did you choose this particular outfit today?
AH: Well, I had found this amazing t-shirt in Miss Selfridge that looked exactly like one that Dave wore for every gig. I bought it and thought, yeah I'm gonna wear this and we will match. Lucky I didn't wear it that night: I saw a girl in the front row wearing the very same t-shirt. I was mortified!
This stood out to me and I knew it would be comfy and cool too - it is so hot today!
Thanks Abi, we love you even more.

Wicked stories knocking about at moment

Long time no see, I know I am bad. Check out these stories online this week; these are a couple of my favourites:

Who are the High-Street Style Queens?? Kate, Lily, Madonna - they are all at it:,,2281145,00.html

I love Hadley Freeman, her writing is so freshing - her article in G2 earlier this week about

Princess Bea and the fact that Alison Pearson came under fire from Fergie, was wicked.
Too right Hadders..(probably shouldn't call her that) at least Bea injects some personality into her clothes and doesn't look like every other Sloaney..or Chelsy Davy for that matter....,,2281069,00.html

I LOVE's new site. They have packed it with wicked features/tips/galleries and videos. Awesome.

Loving peachy cheeks also. I would recommend Mac, Rimmel, Nars and Bourjois for fantatsic colours, textures and value for money.

Bourjois little pots have been around for years and are defo included in many a beauty chicks cult-product list.

If you fancy something a little brighter - try Benetint by Benefit - another cult product.

They have recently launched their newest shade: Posie Tint - this is lush. I prefer this to darker shades as I am quite fair. As usual, lasts ages and is perfectly packaged. Available in larger Boots stores, House of Fraser, and other leading outlets.

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Rimmel Blush

Just a quick one..have just discovered Rimmel's Powder Blush in Pink Rose.
It is lovely. Perfect for this warm weather - gives a sheen known only to glowing pregnant women!
Lush - £3.49 in Boots, Superdrug, Tesco..well you can Rimmel just about anywherenow can't you!
Good, Good Good. mwah x

Saturday, 3 May 2008


OH MY GOD: I love Asos with a passion. The online fashion website is without a doubt the best around and up there with premium designer site Net-a-Porter.

Wow, just had my ASOS magazine through the door and have already set my heart on:
Christian Dior Vintage Sunglasses: £110
Insight Kitty love triangle bikini with removable pads: £35
Asos T-bar flat sandals £15
Asos Leather strapped sandals £22
and finally Asos premium pocket detail halterneck dress: £45.
The bargains you get on this site make me want to turn the air blue with profanity.

MY FAVOURITE PRODUCTS: Here are a couple of pix of what is perched on my bathroom shelf:
From left to right and back again: Guerlain Issima Midnight Secret - this is many a beauty editors favourite, it makes you look like you have had so much more sleep than you actually have. Picked this bad boy up on my way to Singapore, I knew I would have many long nights ahead and as I got it cheap at Duty Free I thought, why not? FYI - try to pick up as many beauty essentials as possible at Duty Free. Save your pennies for your Christian Louboutin's!
Lancome Star Bronzer is next on the list. So good, words cannot describe how handy this little bottle is. It can be a lifesaver, a beauty doctor, a miracle in a tin - gives you an even and glowing tan that washes away. Try and get BFF or Boyf to spray as it will look better if someone stands a good few inches away from you and sprays while you stand still. Always pop towels on floor/on furniture - my white and slate bathroom when a funny shade of brown...
Redken Extreme Anti Snap leave in treatment not only smells like you have been dancing with unicorns and floating with the fairies, but it actually works and repairs your strands of straw, leaving you with Rapunzel-esque hair.
Olay Complete Everyday Sunshine great for a flawless, even and non-smelly tan. I use deep sun-kissed glow as I like to be a little darker. I have very sensitive and dry skin, so I always exfoliate well before using any form of body tint. These are a little easier to use, but my skin is quite fair and picks up colour so easily. I use all tanning products sparingly, or I end up looking like a Z-list Wanna-be WAG (notice how the 'wannabe' makes it ten times worse, I mean who would ridicule themselves like that??)
Next on the ever-growing-other half-has no where to live list is; Clinique Anti Blemish Solutions Clear Blemish Gel. I think this is up there with the other few blemish killers - this is so good, if it were alive it would be in Belmarsh. This gem clears blemishes over night. Use before bed and if no dryness occurs, up to 3 times a day. A real must-have.
Batiste Dry Shampoo - If you haven't got this already - go out and get it now. What a legendary product this is. Spray a few inches from greasy area, leave for a few moments, brush through with fingers and voila! Lovely, fresh and gorgeous looking barnet. Also Batiste is dirt cheap, I mean dirty, filthy cheap. Cheaper than a sandwich from Tesco. Get it now.
Mac Strobe Cream: So you haven't quite got Kate Moss' cheekbones, well never fear, our old pal Mac developed this and it has already achieved cult status. Pat on cheek bones for SJP cheek bones and even use on decolletage/shoulders for a pretty sheen to show off you tan!
I found this next product at an arts and craft fair on New Zealand's South Island. I was wondering around and fiddling with beads, sheep skin boots and other bits and bobs, when I smelt something incredible and my nose dragged me to a woman with the most amazing skin standing in a marquee type affair. The Original Blackball Goats Milk Soap (my fav is Manuka Honey) is made with completely natural ingredients and handmade in Christchurch New Zealand. Now unfortunately you cannot buy this here in the UK and I rely on my sister, who is now a convert to this since we found it in this amazing 'alternative' market, to send it to me.
However, fear not, Crabtree and Evelyn do a great range of natural goats milk products and I heartily recommend them. Check out I like the Crabtree and Evelyn Triple Milled Goatmilk Soap. Feel bad dangling this amazing product within your grasp and cruelly snatching it away, but if you or your family/friends ever pop over to NZ, look out for it.
These are legendary products: Lancome Juicy Tubes. One of my most favoured lip glosses, my first real wages from a little part time job as a waitress went on one of these deliciously wicked tubes, I got mine in Fraise. Still a firm favourite. This particular fav at the moment is a limited edition from last year; I got three so as not to run out.
TOP TIP: Always stock up if you find a product you love, you never know when it might get taken away.. :-(
Ooh, this is a legendary product, loved by the masses! Kiehl's Creme de Corps. This needs no explaining. It is such a rich moisturiser; enriching even the driest skin. I love this and have spread the word on behalf of this amazing product. I find grandmothers and great-aunts are particularly fond of this little gem. Buy it for granny and find yourself with lots of home made apple pies as a thank-you. Well, you can't say fairer than that!
Wow, this is a long old list...Nars Skin Mud Mask - see previous post. Fantastic for deep cleansing and getting rid of toxins.
Natural Collection Passion fruit Body Spray: MMMMM lush lush lush. For £1.99 from Boots this leaves you smelling so good. It is light, fresh and doesn't make you want to be sick. Great bargain product and perfect for a quick spritz anytime. TOP TIP: I spray this on cushions, on the carpet, on my curtains and generally around the room to make it smell gorgeous before guests come round. Try a spritz of it on light bulbs or use your favourite perfume; the heat will send the scent around the room.
Frizz Ease Hair Serum by John Frieda is a miracle for your hair. Can't do without out and I love to rub a pin-top sized amount through the ends of my hair to give it a slight sheen. Worth every penny.
Hoola by Benefit is without a doubt one of the best bronzers in the whole wide world. At £22 it can be deemed a bit pricey, but it lasts for ages and will never break and fall out in your Mulberry (like other brands have done before...) as it comes in a Mr-T type indestructible box.
I also recommend bronzing powders by Mac, Estee Lauder and Guerlain.
Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair is a protective recovery complex serum that you smooth onto cleansed skin morning and night. After a few weeks you WILL notice a difference. Think of all the good this is doing long term. Brilliant.
Le Vernis in Rouge Noir by Chanel was also one of the first teenage-bought luxuries. Smooth, dark and every bit as perfect as I imagined. Loved by celebs and the epitome of all that is right about Chanel. (Buy at Duty free and you can get more in your bag!)
Shu Uemura eyelash curlers are THE BEST investment a woman can make. Over the years I have tested loads of eyelash curlers and I can hand-on-my-heart state with all certainty that these are the greatest beauty tool of all time. Gently squeeze the bottom of the lashes (nearest the eyelid) and hold for 10-15 seconds, then do the same to the middle and then the top. Lush.
Philosophy Hope in a Jar is a lightweight moisturiser packed with antioxidants and beta-glucan guaranteed to give you a rosy glow. Use a 10p size blob for face and neck and smooth into the skin well. Try and allow 10 mins for it to sink in properly before yo apply make-up.
Finally, last but not least: Liz Earle Superbalm. Enriched with vitamin E and Neroli this is great for elbows, shoulders, feet, anywhere, a real skin saver for chapped skin. I rub mine into my cuticles and all over my feet after a long hot soak in the tub. Finish with Rouge Noir nail polish for the ultimate at home manicure!


A word of warning to anyone using a facemask before a big night out! Dont!
After a busy but rewarding week, I decided I would have a long hot soak in the tub, complete with bath salts, a large glass of pinot noir and Jane Austen for company. I thought, perfect op to smother my face in one of favourite brands' facemask. Nars Skin Mud Mask is genius and you can feel the cooling mud working its way into your city-filled smokey pours. As it says on the tin, it will deep cleanse for smooth refreshed skin.
Perfect. But for me, it means all the toxins gently floating to the surface. Big mistake when heading straight into Soho after work...
Lots of little bumps and blemishes rearing their nasty heads on my previously smooth and be-freckled skin.
This product is A-M-Azing, but please please, heed my advice and use over the weekend when you know you're staying in...or failing that, book a few days off work and wallow in mud all week...! YUM!
Great masks/cleanses/mousses that I adore and that always frequent my shelves:
Precision Deep Purifying Exfoliating Mousse by Chanel - Fan-bloody-tastic; so good in fact that Other Half started using it.
Neal's Yard Remedies Palmarosa Purifying Facial Mask, removes impurities, detoxifies and re balances skin - perfect after a weekend out on the lash me thinks. A great buy, worthy of any bathroom cabinet.
Estee Lauder Hydra Complete Multi-Level Moisture Gel Mask - this cools the skin and makes it feel so clean afterwards. I team with Liz Earle wash-clothes to give my face a really 'purified' feel.
More Chanel...but then daddy did tell me I always had expensive tastes..coming from a charming little council estate in the Kent countryside, I always spent my pocket money from my 3 jobs while doing my a-levels, on make-up, shoes, bags, jewellery and clothes. We're going back a few years, but me and one of my best friends were always rocking the best looks, even as teenagers and I don't think we ever quite fitted in - we needed room to move and be creative..we both work up town now in fashion/media!
I have digressed slightly, so more Chanel - Precision Masque Destressant Hydration, or for those of you note into Frenchi; Nourishing Cream Gel Mask. So lovely, smells good, comes with a handy little spatula-come-spoon and makes skin fell delicious.
Finally, although this is not a mask or gel, but I feel it should have special inclusion in the rituals of cleansing and purifying - Clinique Anti Blemish Solutions Quick Clearing Pads. A life saver if you ever feel like Vicky Pollard. Gives the skin a really good scrub in the sweep of a pad. Great for Blemish prone skin or when skin erupts at 'that time of the month.'

In my post box this week...:
Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Body Oil Spray - smells beautiful. Conjures up happy memories of summers gone by; lying on a beach in Greece; sipping cocktails by the pool and attempting to look cool in stifling heat. In others words: lush. Coconut mmmm..
Estee Lauder Beyond Paradise Blue...I loved the original so this was always going to impress me. Soft, woody, floral notes - soft and not too overwhelming. I hate scents that overpower the sense and I am so sensitive to smell and my skin is very sensitive too. I love Chanel Chance but it sends me into sneezing fits! This fragrance hits all the right spots. A firm favourite. Will be back with more updates and top products shortly, taking a break to enjoy my Assam tea and upload pix of last nights shenanigans. Mwah x x x

Thursday, 1 May 2008


Well this made me laugh - Jodie Marsh's super-white, scary 'Ross from Friends' teeth have topped a poll as the worst teeth in the industry.

(Though to be frank, not quite sure which industry category she falls into...)

94% of UK women would rather have pearly whites like Sienna Miller (the girl can do no wrong) in a survey carried out by Listerine Stay White Mouthwash.

FYI - amazing stuff - I have a lovely bottle in the bathroom. The results are certainly surprising given the fact that more and more women are having cosmetic surgery, spray tans and hair extensions.

Only 3% said they would fork out on professional teeth whitening and 82% expressed concern the effects staining would have on their nashers. Listerine Stay White Mouthwash has a unique zinc chloride formula that keeps teeth clean and white. What more could a girl want?
Available nationwide: from £2.99 - visit -

...digressing slightly - Victoria Beckham has hair extensions, a perma-tan, fake nails (French manicure styleee) supposed fake breasts and pearly - yet she is a style icon. Now I have always wondered, is it her wardrobe that redeems her from the 'chav' 'Waggy' 'cheap' status? Must be...answers on a postcard..

Friday, 25 April 2008

Amazing Products in my bathroom

The best bathroom products:

Well we all read about the cult products, but what really works? I was having a little think on my way into work today and to be honest there is so much out there, that as a beauty chick, you kind of forget. I would be minted if I was given a nugget for every time I have been asked what is the best eyeliner or face mask or dry shampoo.

Well for my pals out there, here is a list of the most rocking products:

Bumble and Bumble Hair Powder, which might I add comes in a range of colours. Perfect, if like me you like to dye your hair as the seasons change. £27 (for a big bottle) Stockists: 02078360818. (see pic)

A real gem that I couldn't really do without now, after it was sent to me is:
Organic White Tea Enriching Facial Maskby Neal's Yard Remedies. bloody good, I am rationing it.

It is so special. It makes blemishes dry up and flare-down - it is perfect for a long, hot soak in the tub and it cleansed the skin so well.

It nourishes and replenishes essential lost moisture. £15 available at Go get it now!

Another hotty - although not a make-up essential, is the Braun Silk Epil Xpressive. Catches teeny tiny hairs and leaves you with no more in between days. Have the white one (the best one if you're thinking of buying) sat in my bathroom. Great tool, especially if you have a tan or don't like to leave the hair to grow bushy for waxing..ouchy. Here it is:

Make sure you use this on dry skin and use the provided wipes and do not do it after you have got out of the bath. Ensure you exfoliate first and this will ensure the skin is primed and ready for the epilator and will keep nasty ingrowing hairs at bay. Although this is highly unlikely with this luxury gadget. It has a number of interchangable heads for sensitive skin and tricky areas and leaves your skin smooth and silky.

£89.99 from Boots and other leading retailers. Or visit

These are the awesome three for the day.

Thursday, 24 April 2008

So make-up: SK II Skins Transformation Foundation (Amazing - great if you're running out the door in a flap whilst having a slanging match about who will feed the cat with other-half)
Touche Eclat, Benefit Hoola (best best best bronzer, do not leave home without this) Urban Decay Liquid Eyeliner in Oil Slick (lush, dirty, Daisy Lowe type colour; one of the best around) Mac blush in Desert Rose. Finish with Maxfactor Masterpiece Mascara and a slick of Mac Tinted Lip Balm in Fuchsia Fix.
That will do.

The Pear

Today is busy. I am sorting out a festival survival guide; interviews with beautiful celebs and putting together my festival programme for the Summer.
Working up town it is easy to people-watch - if you haven't indulged in a smidge of people-spotting recently, then get to it.
My god, it is so theraputic.
It helps when you have those days of feeling (and often looking) like a supertramp.
Spot the teenager wearing too much Maybelline with lashings of Collection 2000 mascara - don't forget the electric blue eyeshadow..oh the days of electric blue eyeshadow.
If I rocked up at a party or at work with said shadow on, I would be ignored, trash-eyed and possibly, spat at.
Last week, I attemped a lovely shade of lilac, sent to me by the lovely beauty PR gurus, only to have my pretty-eyes hopes dashed when my other-half said I looked like I needed a slab of meat on my eyes.
Not to mention that fact that the police would be arriving to cart him of to the cells for wifebeating.
I digress...what I mean is, being blue is an often occurance for us women, so a small attempt at curing oneself if people watching.
Check out mummy who needs to learn about VPL and female bankers, who for some reason have no clue how to dress.
I oft board the train home and am horrified at the high-school, cheap, black trousers, complete with heel-rip at the back, teamed with flat, naff "I bought these from Dolcis 10 years ago" loafers.
Just cos Aggy wears em well don't mean you can. My god.
Today: dark denim mini from Topshop; sheer black empire top from Asos; grape-bunch earrings from H&M, black stockings and to finish Christian Lacroix cowboy boots with satin trim. YUM.
Today: Coco pops; coffee, sushi, peppermint tea, pear, peppermint tea....might sneak a Mars in later...
Today: Rolling Stones, She's a Rainbow; David Bowie, Under Pressure and Rebel Rebel; Pharell, Can I have it like that (yes you can you cute lil skater boi)