Thursday, 18 September 2008

Brightlife Spa and relaxation

Imagine yourself floating in the air, suspended above the crashing waves of the sea with not a care in the world.
Sound like bliss?
Well you can experience this amazing feeling at the world-renowned retreat Brightlife; a haven of therapies and treatments nestled in between mountains and rivers on the Isle of Man.
The little isle has been in the news recently after Brad and Angelina named one of their newborn twins after Archibald Knox, the famous Liberty’s artist who hailed from the Manx and it emerged Madonna and Guy take breaks on the seafront to get away from it all.
As well as attracting the attention of Hollywood’s elite, the isle also attracts hundreds of visitors from around the world, all heading north towards Brightlife.
The retreat offers a plethora of alternative therapies and courses ranging from the weird to the wonderful.
The famous spa hosts BETAR Music Therapy, an experience that leaves you feeling as if you have left your body, draining the stress and toils of daily life far behind.
BETAR helps rid stress from continually scavenged cells, tissues, vessels, organs and bones – suspending you from what can only be described as a metal chamber.
Follow the out of this world experience with an Indian head massage or the hot stone massage favoured by the likes of Gywnnie and co.
If you are attending one of the many courses, perhaps yoga, finish your day by taking a dip in the floatation tank and let your stresses melt away.
Brightlife hosts weekends of courses and therapies, offering anything from Egyptian belly Dancing, to Yoga retreats to Military fun fitness.
Perfect for those on a budget, the Isle of Man is a world away from mainland UK and when looking around you could easily feel as if you have been transported to a land far far away.
After a range of treatments at Brightlife it is incredibly hard to pull yourself away, but just remember there is always next year.
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