Monday, 15 September 2008

Very merry

Well I have just been commissioned a series of 10 Internet TV shows that I have got to produce and present - start filming in two weeks.
So exciting!
Links will be popped on here so you can watch celeb interviews, beauty tips and fashion shows!
I have one model, who at the age of 17, is so dedicated and determined to feature in the shows that once she had looked through the production notes and and clocked a 'Daisy Lowe look' she trotted off and dyed her long brunette locks a shade of slate and cut in a fringe!
I could hardly refuse her after that - such dedication to the arts!

We will be featured here: and the shows should be airing in November some time - we do not have an exact date yet.

HOW AMAZING was Tess of the D' Urbervilles last night? LOVE Gemma Arterton (not just because she is a Kent girl) but because she is amazing!
Love Hardy, so have been waiting for this for months.
That, coupled with Amazon with the lovely Bruce Parry tonight, Mutual Friends (mmm Marc Warren) on Tuesday and Lost in Austen (!!) on Wednesday I am spoilt for choice.

Feeling a little crazy at the moment - I am freelancing so much and trying to save up for the move to Oz and it is all building up; have terrible neck ache this morning.

So I was pleased at the weekend when all the products starting arriving for the new shows. Mac sent me an array of beautiful false eyelashes and some electric pink lipsticks and cremes. They were also kind enough to send me a big tube of adhesive - usually you are left to hunt for your own and I can never find any really good ones out there.
The lovely, gorgeous bunch at Beauty Seen PR also sent me a selection of Ruby and Millie eyeshadows and nail varnishes for the show and..the legendary Eve Lom cleanser, which I am struggling not to use as it calls my name from its box...
I get to smoother this lovely formula all over my models face - the lucky thing she is.
I am not bitter at all....

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