Thursday, 21 August 2008


Not quite beauty related but have to use this blog for all shouts!!
Reading papers this morning and noting that we are being called a nation of lazy people who have no inclination whatsoever to use our bank holiday productively.
So? We're being charged more to drive, petrol is up, food is up, energy is up - we all have fuck all to spend and we are being called lazy and dull in a roundabout way..
What the hell is wrong with sitting indoors when it is pouring with rain; we are being told to cut down on our carbon footprint, so again staying indoors can be no bad thing; we can all bond seen as Britain is a 'nation of broken homes' and play lovely games like Scrabble and Jenga (!!) and we don't have to sit and watch the news as we are too busy screaming at each other after your old grandpa started cheating at poker..when the the trussed up turkey newsreader pops up and tells us that the traffic is terrible, the weather is terrible and Britain is falling apart.
The only time we have any success or luck is abroad...
Is is any wonder so many people are sodding off to Oz and NZ?
We are charged ridiculous prices for EVERYTHING the only things that seem to be cheap and easily accessible are drugs, knives and booze.
The best way to keep our economy afloat eh?!
Our public transport is abysmal, young people have no money to buy their first homes and if they receive inheritance from an aunt they are taxed again, leaving them where they started.
The middle and upper class leaders have no idea how hard it is for the working class families and again wonder why so many people are claiming and living in council houses?
What's the point of working your arse off all week when the money goes on stupid taxes and you're left with just enough to buy fish and chips on a Friday night?
You may as well sit at home, have your bills paid, have a lovely size garden and be able to walk your kids to playschool cos you don't have anywhere to be.
I know what life I would choose!
I am a little wound up this morning, as you can probably tell and am fed up with the way so many people are treated in our country, while the leaders are swanning around in their fancy cars, suits and eating a decent meal when thousands of people are living below the poverty line and have no choice but to buy tinned food and not organic Notting Hill fodder.
I admire Delia Smith for attempting to communicate with them by offering up alternatives - she had the right idea.
We cannot afford organic, fresh and super food from Waitrose. Fresh peas to feed 4 people: £1.38 / Tinned peas to feed family of four FOR A WEEK - £1.10.
Can anybody see?

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