Saturday, 3 May 2008


A word of warning to anyone using a facemask before a big night out! Dont!
After a busy but rewarding week, I decided I would have a long hot soak in the tub, complete with bath salts, a large glass of pinot noir and Jane Austen for company. I thought, perfect op to smother my face in one of favourite brands' facemask. Nars Skin Mud Mask is genius and you can feel the cooling mud working its way into your city-filled smokey pours. As it says on the tin, it will deep cleanse for smooth refreshed skin.
Perfect. But for me, it means all the toxins gently floating to the surface. Big mistake when heading straight into Soho after work...
Lots of little bumps and blemishes rearing their nasty heads on my previously smooth and be-freckled skin.
This product is A-M-Azing, but please please, heed my advice and use over the weekend when you know you're staying in...or failing that, book a few days off work and wallow in mud all week...! YUM!
Great masks/cleanses/mousses that I adore and that always frequent my shelves:
Precision Deep Purifying Exfoliating Mousse by Chanel - Fan-bloody-tastic; so good in fact that Other Half started using it.
Neal's Yard Remedies Palmarosa Purifying Facial Mask, removes impurities, detoxifies and re balances skin - perfect after a weekend out on the lash me thinks. A great buy, worthy of any bathroom cabinet.
Estee Lauder Hydra Complete Multi-Level Moisture Gel Mask - this cools the skin and makes it feel so clean afterwards. I team with Liz Earle wash-clothes to give my face a really 'purified' feel.
More Chanel...but then daddy did tell me I always had expensive tastes..coming from a charming little council estate in the Kent countryside, I always spent my pocket money from my 3 jobs while doing my a-levels, on make-up, shoes, bags, jewellery and clothes. We're going back a few years, but me and one of my best friends were always rocking the best looks, even as teenagers and I don't think we ever quite fitted in - we needed room to move and be creative..we both work up town now in fashion/media!
I have digressed slightly, so more Chanel - Precision Masque Destressant Hydration, or for those of you note into Frenchi; Nourishing Cream Gel Mask. So lovely, smells good, comes with a handy little spatula-come-spoon and makes skin fell delicious.
Finally, although this is not a mask or gel, but I feel it should have special inclusion in the rituals of cleansing and purifying - Clinique Anti Blemish Solutions Quick Clearing Pads. A life saver if you ever feel like Vicky Pollard. Gives the skin a really good scrub in the sweep of a pad. Great for Blemish prone skin or when skin erupts at 'that time of the month.'

In my post box this week...:
Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Body Oil Spray - smells beautiful. Conjures up happy memories of summers gone by; lying on a beach in Greece; sipping cocktails by the pool and attempting to look cool in stifling heat. In others words: lush. Coconut mmmm..
Estee Lauder Beyond Paradise Blue...I loved the original so this was always going to impress me. Soft, woody, floral notes - soft and not too overwhelming. I hate scents that overpower the sense and I am so sensitive to smell and my skin is very sensitive too. I love Chanel Chance but it sends me into sneezing fits! This fragrance hits all the right spots. A firm favourite. Will be back with more updates and top products shortly, taking a break to enjoy my Assam tea and upload pix of last nights shenanigans. Mwah x x x

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