Friday, 25 April 2008

Amazing Products in my bathroom

The best bathroom products:

Well we all read about the cult products, but what really works? I was having a little think on my way into work today and to be honest there is so much out there, that as a beauty chick, you kind of forget. I would be minted if I was given a nugget for every time I have been asked what is the best eyeliner or face mask or dry shampoo.

Well for my pals out there, here is a list of the most rocking products:

Bumble and Bumble Hair Powder, which might I add comes in a range of colours. Perfect, if like me you like to dye your hair as the seasons change. £27 (for a big bottle) Stockists: 02078360818. (see pic)

A real gem that I couldn't really do without now, after it was sent to me is:
Organic White Tea Enriching Facial Maskby Neal's Yard Remedies. bloody good, I am rationing it.

It is so special. It makes blemishes dry up and flare-down - it is perfect for a long, hot soak in the tub and it cleansed the skin so well.

It nourishes and replenishes essential lost moisture. £15 available at Go get it now!

Another hotty - although not a make-up essential, is the Braun Silk Epil Xpressive. Catches teeny tiny hairs and leaves you with no more in between days. Have the white one (the best one if you're thinking of buying) sat in my bathroom. Great tool, especially if you have a tan or don't like to leave the hair to grow bushy for waxing..ouchy. Here it is:

Make sure you use this on dry skin and use the provided wipes and do not do it after you have got out of the bath. Ensure you exfoliate first and this will ensure the skin is primed and ready for the epilator and will keep nasty ingrowing hairs at bay. Although this is highly unlikely with this luxury gadget. It has a number of interchangable heads for sensitive skin and tricky areas and leaves your skin smooth and silky.

£89.99 from Boots and other leading retailers. Or visit

These are the awesome three for the day.

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