Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Side plaits

I am obsessed with plaits at the moment. I have just this moment decided to practice my technique on my pal Sophie - this time we tried the fish tail plait....needless to say I need much more practice.
Now, as a child I hated plaits in my hair. Dear mother would pull my hair into an uber tight ponytail on the top of my head and secure with a band or 'bobble.' She would then plait the remaining hair and secure once more. This proved an effective weapon for hitting other pupils should they annoy me (a great tool as a a ten year old) but the end result would be an aching head and a spell on the naughty chair.
I have since changed my tactic and on Sunday, to fit with the gladiator sandals and floaty dress, I parted my hair on a deep side and gave myself an erratic plait, which suits my 'growing out' phase just fine. Much to my surprise, the compliments started to role in.
First compliment: "Wow, your hair looks gorgeous today, it really suits you. You look so cute, especially with the freckles as an accessory.."
Second compliment: "Wow, I had never thought of plaiting my hair like that - it looks so sweet. It makes you look naughty but nice."
Third compliment: "You have sexy hair. You look sexy. Proper sexy." (from boy, not some random, I might add)
So I have been scouting for some inspirational pix and also genius people on You Tube.

Happy practising and let me know how you get on! x

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