Friday, 18 June 2010

Guerlain AW

I marvel as the genius that is Guerlain. Beautiful packaging, elegant concepts and fabulous make-up that lasts, which (in my head)= the amount you paid for it.
The new AW 10 range is no exception.
Sometimes, in fact a lot of the time, I am sent beautifully packaged products, which I carefully arrange on my table and stare at. Weird yes. But slight logic to my madness. I like to take in the quality and the creativeness behind every element of the products before me. Guerlain is a pretty aspirational product for many people. Not like your accessible Rimmel's, Bourjois's and Maxfactor's of the world, which are available in most Superdrug or Boots stores, no Guerlain is department store quality and something you might like to receive from your other half on your birthday or as an exceptional Mother's Day gift.
So with the mentalness in mind, I do enjoy simply stroking the goodies before I open them up and play with them. I guess like someone who might have a rare Barbie and after years of resisting, finally give in and play with the leggy blonde. That was, afterall, her purpose in life. (Her perfect plastic life..)
The new Guerlain AW 10 range is pretty simple, but the colours are classics that will suit every skintone, something I think is important when purchasing a product that costs more than £50 and at a price that could well feed a couple for a week.
There are four ranges in the collection, with six shades in each palette and each featuring moonstone, a natural highlighter that will add a subtle shimmer. I am enjoying Sevres and Passy. I would probably use the subtle tones of brown and pearl on my lids and accent with the electric shade in the centre of the palette, under my bottom lashes to add a flash of colour. YUM.
Grab in stores like House of Fraser from August. Prices start from £51.

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