Friday, 4 June 2010


I always wonder about Horoscopes and Tarot Cards, well and I suppose readings. I seem to have to read them everyday and have the iphone apps that allow me to do just that. My personal favs are Shelly Von Strunkel and Elle Horoscopes - The Saturn Sisters. Recently, it seems as if the stars written for me have been bang-on the money...especially when I might read them at the end of the day and think 'oh my god, that's sooo true' How many of us do that?
hen it comes to readings, I am always intrigued and seriously thinking about seeing a woman who has read for a few people I know. She predicted a pregnancy announcement in May - low and behold my brother and his GF fell pregnant...she also spoke of my cousin who was in a destructive relationship - and named particulars...and various other things..
I am interested to know what other people think...

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