Tuesday, 22 June 2010

HQ Hair genius

I have just been shouting about this in the office and we are all agreed that this is the most AMAZING idea EVER. Do you ever struggle packing your case when going abroad - especially on a long haul flight or a trip that will leave you free from office-based work for more than a month? I know I do and on several occasions have had to have a serious re-think about what 'necessities' I am packing. On a trip home from New Zealand I had to wear a pair of beautiful thigh-high, tight leather boots all the way home (dreaming of Uggs) simply because my suitcase was maxed-out.
Well, hair and skincare website hqhair.com has decided to help the mere mortals on their travels and will be offering a service that will deliver whatever you order... to your holiday destination.
Sheer genius. So forget wrapping your shampoo and shower gel in plastic bags for fear of spillages and save on space with/excess baggage limits with this service from the best website in the world...(according to people whom experience spillages on a regular basis..)

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