Friday, 19 February 2010

I cannot wait to fall down the Rabbit hole that is Alice in Wonderland. I have, along with millions of other Alice and Tim Burton fans, been waiting for the arrival of this majestic 3D masterpiece for quite some time.

I watch the trailer on Flixster on my iphone, at least once a week to keep that momentum going; it really has turned into something of an obsession.

Not only that, Alice is one of my favourite books and Disney films and as a youngster I played Alice in a school play, so the history goes a long way back.
As part of my Alice quest, I have been on the hunt for Alice goodies and have come across some delicious little treats on Truffleshuffle .com - my absolute fav place for all things retro!

'Drink me' glass bottle necklace £30
Gold plated Pocket Watch earrings £14
Silver plated Pocket Watch earrings £14
Brass Key bangle £30
Ladies Alice in Wonderland t-shirt £24.99
Ladies 'I beg your pardon' t-shirt £24.99
All items are available from
I can say with absolute conviction that I will be purchasing several of these goodies - namely the glass bottle as it is deliciiooous!

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