Wednesday, 3 February 2010


I am excited by the news that I will be learning the mystics of Reiki. I have had Reiki twice now and both times I have come away feeling blown away by the feelings that surge throughout me afterwards - as well as feeling better and healthier.
The Royal Day Spa in Tunbridge Wells will be my centre of learning, but as I know so little at the moment, I am offering you a little insight into the world of Reiki, via one of the senior therapists at the spa.

Reiki - What is it?

Reiki is a hands on healing method, used to channel life force energy. The practitioner giving reiki, channels the energy through the body and out of the hands to treat the recipient or themselves.

The main benefits of Reiki:

Encourages the bodies natural ability to self heal

Functions on a mental, spiritual, physical and emotional level

Helps to balance the bodies energy

Strengthens the body and soul

Helps to rid the body of accumulated toxins

Reiki has a logic of its own, knowing where and to what extent it is required.

It works with not only people but animals and plants

Is an extremely pleasant and safe healing method

It can help with depression and any physical or mental illnesses

Can help grieving family members and to release past emotional pain

The history of Reiki:
It is believed that a man called Mikao Usui who was born back in August 15th 1865 in the Yamagata of Gifu prefecture Japan. Usui was looking for a way of knowing one's life purpose and to be content, and despite all his exhaustive research, he could not find away to achieve this state. The monks advice, promoted him to go to mount Kurama and carry out a 21 day tendai Buddhist meditation and fast called the lotus repentance. According his memorial stone, he experienced an enlightenment or 'satori' that led to the development of reiki. So it is said that reiki is represented in Japan in the early part of the last century.
For a long time in the west, people thought reiki had died out in japan and that the reiki that was left was to a lady called Mrs Takata. Mrs Takata was a very strict reiki master, who taught reiki to her students, but made the burn all information and symbols taught to them after they had spent years studying them. This was to stop anyone from stealing and corrupting the reiki teaching.
The information we now have about the original version of reiki comes from a number of different sources, and two of the mot well known of these are frank Arjava Petter and Hiroshi Doi. Arava Petter is a WWestern reiki master who lives and works in japan and has published 3 books based on his research there. However more detailed information has been made available in the west by a Japanese man called Hiroshi Doi.
What you might call the original reiki from Japan is very different from western reiki. The basis Of Japanese reiki combines three activities: daily energy exercises, hand scanning and intuitive techniques and regular spiritual empowerment. Reiki trainees would have to practice daily exercises called Hatsu-Rei-Ho which is designed to strengthen and purify there reiki empowerment, increasing their effectiveness of reiki channelling.
The western form of reiki is almost a copy from Japanese reiki, but is just snippets of information that has slipped out of the Japanese masters hands. However because the information the western reiki is a small amount, it has allowed us to develop the and play with the reiki energy and is just as effective as the Japanese style reiki.
There is a lot more to reiki than we have yet experienced. Reiki that is being used, has produced amazing results and changed many peoples lives in incredible ways. There is a lot more information that we have yet to learn, so this is a very exciting time to be involved in reiki blessings!

I look forward to keeping you updated with my progress. K

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