Wednesday, 3 February 2010

The quest for the perfect hair stylist...

I am pretty fussy. I like things a certain way, although many would say I am fairly laid back. Sill things really...I like my bacon crispy; coffee has to be strong and creamy, coke has to be Pepsi, kisses have to be slow and fierce or fast and passionate (none of that inbetweeny crap) and post-its have to be pink. Based on all of this - my choice of hairdresser has taken a beating over the years. My friend was perfect until she gave up and since then I have flitted and flirted between stylists, looking for someone who engages with me, gives me the perfect hairstyle and comes in on budget.
Luckily, I have found the perfect hairdresser. Back in November I blogged about a fabulous stylist at Saks, Kings Hill, Kent. Silly Melon, as she is affectionately known - otherwise known as Mel has cured my stylist phobia and I am in hair heaven.
She is the one stylist I have happily and excitedly returned to (as opposed to grudgingly, cos they kinda got it right at my last appointment...) and every time I am glad I did.
The team welcome you with big smiles, coffee (strong and creamy! YUM) is always on offer, the gossip is always interesting and most importantly the girls who look after you seem to have robot memories - "I remember last time you were doing this/that/the other" A-M-Azing...
So next on my list at Kings Hill:
Spray Tan (clearly the daylight hours are getting longer - I need to start prepping!)
Eyebrow tint

Here's to the hair!
Saks Hair and Beauty, David Lloyd Leisure, 21A Kings Hill Avenue, West Malling, Kent
ME19 4UA. 01732 843445

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