Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Heather Mills...

I just cannot get my head round this one. I really can't. Heather Mills. WTF?
Now for a 42 year old woman, she has a cracking figure. A figure worthy of an Hollywood B-Lister and not a bad face to go with it. However, my chin hit my desk this morning when I saw these god awful snaps of her at a film premier last night. Heather looks like she is trying to emulate Twenties-chic and she is doing it badly. An ill fitting playsuit and revolting, porn star over the knee stretchy boots. YUK. I really hope she doesn't have a stylist...in fact if she did, how the hell did she persuade her to wear this abomination? Hats off to her, she must have the ultimate gift of the gab. If you're going to rock up to a premier, essentially aimed at teenagers and kids, don't try and act like one of them. Heather would have looked so much better in a flattering dress with a delicate plunge or backless affair. Know your age, know your figure and dress accordingly. Please.

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