Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Mac Strobe Cream

I always envied SJP's amazing cheekbones in Sex and the City so I was delighted when I found out she had a little help from Laura Mercier's Secret Finish (oh and Mother Nature). However, as much as I love Laura Mercier, I am also a huge fan of Mac's Strobe Cream. I have been silently using this for a couple of years and even used it on model's back in the day of the regional newspaper magazine fashion and beauty shoots. I noticed, however, that I had failed to write about it and it's many wonders.
1: Mix with moisturiser or foundation for a subtle sheen and gentle boost of skin that may be looking a little sallow.
2: Mix with body moisturiser and pat in over shoulders and d├ęcolletage for a sexy shimmer (great with a light tan - no wag mahogany here please)
3: Or do as I do, a la the SJP and gentle pat a small peanut sized blob onto the back of my hand and pat and warm with three fingers. Use these fingers to pat this on the cheekbones - above the blusher and up towards your temples. Ensure you have already applied foundation - I use this as my finishing product. Gentle pt until a subtle sheen is glistening your cheekbones. If you feel the sheen is too much, use the palm of your hand to gently and carefully remove an excess.

Whenever I use this technique I am always complimented on my make-up and asked what highlighter I am using. Hence the reason for this post!
Happy sheening! K

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