Tuesday, 29 September 2009

NEXT AW/09 and Christmas 09

I have been the holder of a Next Catalogue since 2003 and would not have it any other way! Last night I was flicking through the amazing new Christmas bible and I was blown away.
The clothes are sexy, the shoes high and the home collection was beautiful.
Now, as I have just returned to my re-built burnt down flat, I have had to re-decorate and am following some advice from Feng Shui to help me get a nice, calming flow and balance about the room.
We only have a one bedroom apartment, so out with the clutter (the fire pretty much sorted that aspect anyway...) and in with the eye-catching key pieces.
As much as I loathe to be back in the flat where we almost died, I think making it a warmer nicer place to be will help me settle back in and get to grips with the fact that I have almost no clothes or shoes left and only a handful of precious photos to pop on the wall.
Check out some favourites of mine:
Helena Table Lamp: £35
Melrose Armchair and footstall: £275
Botanical Study Wallpaper: £15Check out next.co.uk - the website is brilliant. Style guides, product videos and more. Next is the changing face of the High Street - expect more blogs on the beautiful new range.
K x

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