Thursday, 27 August 2009

Time Traveler's Wife

Two years.
That is how long Time Traveler's Wife fans' had to wait for the film and from the responses I am getting, it has been pretty well received.
I delivered my sister to the airport at 4.30am on Tuesday morning - having returned home from her leaving dooo at midnight and getting back up at 3.30am and as you can imagine was upset and shattered.
Deciding to have tea and my grandad's after the goodbye's at the airport was lovely - tea and the local paper, while stroking a tortoise in the sunshine was delish. It did nothing however to raise the spirits of my mama, who is bereft at the loss of my sibling who has returned home to New Zealand after 4 weeks with us.
I turned then, to my comfort: long hot bath, candles, glass of wine and of course, TTTW. Bliss.
I must confess, I have read this book more times than I care to imagine - the first time on the way home from Australia - along with The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold (which I will get onto later)
After lunch at a nearby Riverside restaurant and trip to Aylesford Priory (again, another point of discussion at some point) I was knackered.
I decided to sleep for a while and was rudely awoken by my best friend. Her mama offered to take me to the 9pm screening of TTTW - what should I do?
I am sooo tired that I have the eyes of a man high on weed and the ability to string together a sentence that imitates a 6 month old.
Against my bodies dearest wishes, I descended upon said cinema and wept with joy and later distress once the film had finished.
I found the first half an hour a little tedious, but understood that TTTW virgins would need to gain a detailed insight into Henry De Tamble's life, to gain a firm grasp on what essentially is a very complex film.
However, 45 mins in and I was a wreck. Sobbing uncontrollably and wishing I was able to kiss Eric Bana's bottom..
I wish they had included more of their darker sides however and where was Ingrid?? Love her and Celia and the complex relationships Henry, Ingrid, Celia and Claire had.
In all, a super little film I will be buying on DVD.

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