Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Interview: Almost Zara

To celebrate three years of blogging, I am re-posting a few of my fav interviews and articles. Enjoy.

Interview with Almost Zara...

Name: Zara Rabinowicz
Occupation: Freelance Journalist

How did you get started in your career? I’ve been writing ever since I was a little girl and started a school newspaper at 11 year sold, which I made myself, and laboriously photocopied every week. Since then I joined my university paper, interned at almost every magazine in London and sent my Cv to so many people that eventually one of them started paying me on a freelance basis! Perseverance pays off, and you must love what you’re doing, or the rejection will get you down!

What has been your fav career development so far?
I’ve recently gone freelance and still finding my feet around scheduling my work and meetings around working from home. It’s quite a unique experience though and I’m glad I’m trying it- who knows if I’ll go back to a staff job (probably if a dream one came along!) but am currently enjoying the freedom of being my own boss.

Do you hold any qualifications? BA in English and post grad qualification in Magazine Journalism

Advice for anyone breaking into either fashion or journalism?
Start your own blog- if you’re trying to sell yourself on your writing skills, this is a great way of showcasing them. Companies love ‘new media’ expertise so set yourself up on Twitter as well, and be as proactive as you can with applications. If they have no jobs or work experience available ask for a coffee just to discuss options- many people in the industry have been in your position and are more than willing to advise and mentor. Write about what you love and it will be evident in your copy!

Top 5 beauty must haves:
I can’t live without mascara- and am currently loving Avon Extreme Lashes. I’m a big fan of eyeliner and am find MAC do a great pencil that gives a really thick line that can be contoured easily. Sleek MakeUp also do a lovely eyeliner crayon called Kajal which is easily applied. Foundation is a must for me, and I find Clinique foundation really impressive as their range is so huge and they offer such a variety of coverages. Anti Ageing Dewy Smooth would be my favourite! I also love Healthy Sexy Hair Nourish treatment as it really smoothes down the cuticle of flyway hairs and cuts down on my drying time. I’m a big fan of hair straighteners and have a pair of trusty GHD’s but have also discovered a great new brand called Cloudnine which are just as good in my opinion.

Top 5 Wardrobe must haves:
A pair of very impractical shoes which make you feel wonderful- River Island do some great two toned heels, and a dress that always fits no matter how much you’ve eaten. I’d also suggest investing in some tights by Falke- they’re expensive but worth it and will last much longer than the cheaper variety. I’m a big fan of waist belts as they can transform a dull outfit into cinched in glory, and I really love hair accessories, as a beautiful bow or hairband can change your whole look. Not the conventional buy classic shirt and jeans advice, but these ideas work for me.

Top 5 must-read books:
Day of the Triffids by John Wyndham, a must for those who love suspense and intricate character details, Rachel’s Holiday by Marian Keyes for a book that redefines the chick lit genre, The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan for an epic adventure tale that spans continents, anything by Ben Elton if you enjoy laughing out loud on the tube and The Handmaid’s tale by Margaret Atwood for a provocative and challenging tale.

Top 5 must-see films:
I defy anyone not to well up as they watch Boys Don’t Cry- a difficult but moving piece of cinematography, Grease for light entertainment and nostalgia, Sixteen candles for Molly Ringwald, The Matrix for pure adrenalin and Thank you for Smoking for the way it satirises ad men.

Inspirational places:
Thailand makes me feel warm and happy inside, and I always find myself inspired whenever I go to Los Angeles.

Who are your style and beauty icons and why?
I love how Pink and Lily Allen aren’t afraid to experiment with their style and think Madonna is a great icon of a woman who know how to evolve her style through different decades.

Fav places to holiday: I love Los Angles as the beaches are great, the shopping is fab and the people are pretty. However a recent trip to Thailand really opened my eyes to the beauty of the East and how unusual a place can be- it’s great to travel outside your comfort zone, and if you can live through a Thai toilet you can handle anything. I also loved the freedom and the variety of cultures and food that was on offer there.

Do you have any iPhone? If so, what apps do you find indispensable?
Trendtracker was very useful during London Fashion week for the daily updates and schedule, I like the eBay app for browsing on the go, and I love the ChipChick, Sugar and Engadget,
app for my daily dose of tech and lifestyle. I couldn’t live without Google maps and love the Shazam app when I’m trying to identify a song.

Fav magazines to read:
I like Company for the content, Grazia for the pictures and Men’s Health for features. I also really enjoy the Tatler beauty pages and Wired always provides me with inspiration.

Top 5 websites to visit:
Heartlessdoll.com, Bitchbuzz.com, BritishBeautyBlogger.com, Lemondrop.com, and Sephora.com

Music you can't live without:
Anything poppy and funky- like a mixture of Britney, Pink, Tiesto and Ian Van Dahl.

What is your signature dish?
Vegetarian chilli!

What are you working on right now?

Frantically trying to get my copy in for deadline whilst sketching out the draft of my novel.

Where do you hope to be, personal and professionally in five years?
In five years I hope to be happy and living in Los Angeles, writing columns for major web and print nationals and working on my third book.

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