Thursday, 23 June 2011

Eco Tools eyemask

I must admit something. I have never been a fan of the eyemask. Even on long haul flights, there has been something scary about not immediately seeing something. Freaked me out a little. After my house burnt down I felt even more wary of tools to help you sleep - ear plugs, pills, lavender...anything that could possibly render me unaware or useless in an emergency (FYI - the house burnt down in the middle of the night, we were in bed and just managed to get out).
However, having had trouble sleeping since and going to a series of festivals this year, I have been sent some super festival survival kits. This has now got to be the best thing that has happened in a long time.
To offer you a little background, I usually wake up about 10 times a night and average on 5 hours sleep a night. I need about 6-7 to feel super duper.
I thought I would try this eyemask one night after a particularly sleepless night. I tentatively popped the mask over my eyes, adjusted it, accepted the inevitable jokes about batman from boy and nodded off. The next thing I know, it is 5.30am and I have slept through the night.
Weird. So I tried it again and again and have also asked boy to test this magical device. He loves it. So it would appear we are both converts. But, as ever, being the cynical old witch that I am. I decided to test It out at Isle of Wight Festival. The tent fills with light as soon as anyone lights a bloody candle or sweeps a torch across the site, so you can imagine the agony of going to sleep at 2-3am after the Foo's and being woken at 4.30am by a) sunlight and at 5.30am by a) sunlight and b) mental people.
on goes the mask and voila darkness. EXCEPTIONAL.
Highly recommended. Soft towelling fabric makes this a clean and comfortable mask. Love it.

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