Thursday, 1 October 2009

Q & A with Marian Newman

Marian Newman has the ultimate authority on achieving beautiful nails. I caught up with her and blagged her beauty secrets.

It's a mistake trying to use thick polish, however much you like the colour. 2 (or even 3) thin watery coats are far better that 1 gloopy coat. a thick polish can be thinned with a few drops of conditioner free remover but this only works for a short while and can't be done again. Also, it's a false economy in time and money to miss out a base and top coat as they, individually, make the colour last and look so much better. Picking it off (so tempting though!) can so easily damage nails as it can take a layer with it!

Why won't my nail polish last longer than a couple of days?

1) Is it something I am doing wrong in application? Should I be using different products (base coat, top coat etc), leaving it to dry longer etc

Lots of reasons! If you’ve just taken polish off and used a remover that has conditioners there could be a film left on the nail that will prevent polish sticking so wash hands thoroughly. A base coat will always help as it prepares the nails. Also buffed nails hold polish better

2) is it something to do with me? I have heard that is you have oily nail beds then polish doesn't stick so well, or weak, bendy nails cause the polish to split? Is this true, and is there anything you can do?

Some people do have oily nail [plates or may have just applied moisturiser and some is left om the nails. Wipe the nails over with conditioner free remover and that will remove any oil. Bendy nails or peeling nails don’t hold on to polish as they ‘bend away’ from the polish. Use a specific base coat.

3) What are your top three tips for a long lasting at home mani

Conditioner free remover (therefore oil free nails), base coat and reapply top coat every few days

Thanks Marian! and thanks brilliant Beauty Seen PR! Mwah

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