Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Review: Jinny Lash

So, I was flicking through some old posts on Liberty London Girl's blog and remembered some interesting stuff about false eyelashes.


Now, I have always been a fan of false eyelashes, as the gene pool of lashes seemingly missed my eyes and I have always had sporadic, fine and short lashes that are, well to be honest, crap.
So imagine my excitement as a teenager living in the country, discovering the invention of eyelash guru Jinnylash. I had dreamed about these lashes for many years, using Eyelure creations to fill the gap/void/hole that was my eyelashes.
(btw, love Eyelure - defo a teenagers dream)
So imagine my delight when the sexy, raspy voiced PR Guru Lucy Dartford contacted me offering a plethora of tiny lashes to be intricately glued to my eyelashes, leaving me with peepers worthy of a Hollywood star. I nearly wet my pants.
Off I trotted to their fabulous studio, off Regents Street, near St Christopher’s Place (what better venue to flutter my lashes at the unsuspecting locals after?) and prepared myself for an eye transformation.
Your consultant talks you through the procedure while you remove your eye make-up with a gentle lotion and pad provided. As I removed the mountain of mascara from my eyes, I daydreram about the length of lashes to come and almost faint with giddiness.
FYI - I am not the kind of chick to go out without make-up, so to be bare in front of a stranger, felt weird but ok, however this point will come to fruition later...
I am told to relax on a comfy bed and place my head on a special pad, while the technician looks at the length and thickness of my lashes - assessing the new ones that will be delicately glued to my own over the next hour.
As I close my eyes, I must admit I am a little nervous about a metal tweezer-like-contraption heading towards my eyes, but the technician is so gentle and the setting so calm, I am lulled into a sleep after which I am woken by the technician pulling away at the tape that has secured the bottom of my lashes.
To say looking in the mirror afterwards was thrilling is not the word. I had a full set of lashes that fluttered and flirted like the Bambi days of old.
So confident was I of these lashes, that I simply reapplied my eye make-up to match the rest of my face and went mascara free for the first time in public since I was about 12 or on holiday...
(in fact that is a blatant lie, I have the peepers tinted...)
The experts recommend you use an oil free eye make-up remover and a pad or cloth that won't snag onto your lashes. They also recommend only using mascara (should you feel the need) on the tips of the lashes to ensure you are not removing glue/lashes when you remove it at night.
Needless to say the lashes went down a treat. My sister, who is not remotely interested in beauty or fashion actually told me to stop staring at her with 'those eyes' and said she might now consider false lashes herself! Converted in one blink eh? That’s a powerful selling tool!
Prices start from £1 (per lash) and you’re looking at about 100 lashes per eye. For a full set, look to spend £150.
If it is good enough for the writers of Elle and Marie Claire then it is good enough for us!

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  1. Hi - are you seriously telling me these are the answer to my dream....long eyelashes and no mascara!
    Are they really worth the money and did they last the 90 days or so the advert says?
    Such a sceptic me....you see
    Thanks for the blog though.