Thursday, 5 November 2009

Review: Nails Inc manicure

Wow. How much do I love Nails Inc?
Let me think?
I love that I am getting my new black I-Phone 3Gs, 16GB on Tuesday…..
I love the new Velvet body I have ordered from…
I love Robert Pattinson gracing the cover of Another magazine
…and I love Walnuts and pistachios at the moment….
BUT I love, love, love Nails Inc more!
Seated comfortably at my local concession within House of Fraser, Maidstone, I was greeted by the lovely ladies who, in my opinion are the coolest dudes in HOF.
Their music is fierce (Dizzee Rascal of course) and they are the perfect example of how you hope to look at the end of your session.
My technician’s Jo and Vicky (I visited on two occasions) were fantastic.
Trained to the impeccably high standards Nails Inc demand, the counters, tools and product (as well as the girls) are hygienic, tidy and stylishly merchandised; offering an oasis of calm when you take you seat. There is nothing worse than a dirty counter – you never know the filthy habits of the person who has been seated before you!
They begin with general chatter and begin cleansing your hands and buffing your nails while asking which treatment you might like and which is best suited to your lifestyle and habits. I answered obediently that I am a bit rough on my hands – I type all day and love to cook, so inevitably I am washing up…and damn me for saying so, often without my faithful Marigolds…
I state that I would like a glossy, natural finish, with a little length as mine as very short and weak. Both the girls recommend I have the Gel package and as my nail grows underneath, progress onto the 3 Week Manicure when my nails are strong and long enough.
As a teenager I was all about the cheap, despite being obsessed with beauty products and would happily march myself into one of the cheap, tacky nail bars that use electrical power tools to blast your nails to smithereens… well not @ Nail’s Inc.
Gentle buffing, stroking and advice ensues and once your nails are primed, you’re ready and raring to go.
My extensions are fitted and shaped to suit my nail size - no cheap cut offs here and we then progress to having then glued down and sealed. The gel is then gently applied with the tiniest brush, for ultra precision and your hands are divided between the UV activator: a little desk-top size machine that sets the gel. Several layers are added for strength and to make the finish realistic. As this is happening, the girls chat about the features and benefits, the other range of services and products they provide and how I should maintain my nails after I have left. I opt for a natural finish and stick to protective topcoat and a square/oval appearance. Overall, one of the best nail experiences I have had in a long time. Gracious, informative, delightful to chat to and bang on trend with advice, colours and what we will be wearing at Christmas. 10/10
Full set from £50
3 Week Manicure from £50
Christmas gift idea: The Trend Collection, £15

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